Question about Gianni Safred - the pianist who accompanied Django in Rome

Genta OsakiGenta Osaki Japan
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I like Gianni Safred’s playing the piano.
His solo and accompaniment to Django is amazing. Especially in “I saw stars”, “Hallelujah”.
However there are little information about Gianni and Django’s Rome session.
Anyone knows about Gianni or has some picture of him?


  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
    Yes very little is known about Gianni Safred even in Italy, after working with Django he had a big band in Trieste - Italy with which he played popular music. He had also some regular radio broadcasts on Jazz music in Italy and he ended with some futuristic electronic compositions.

    He has been photographed by the italian photoreporter Giuseppe Palmas but I havn't been able to get the photo. Site is email contact gives an error...

    Genta Osaki
  • Genta OsakiGenta Osaki Japan
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  • Genta OsakiGenta Osaki Japan
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  • Sorry, I made a mistake to delate my comment. I’ll write it again…
    Thanks for admirable comment, spatzo!
    At first when I search ”Gianni Safred” on Google, I thought that Gianni playing electronic was far diffrent from Gianni with Django. However I found a picture of notes on the back of his album, which said they are same person. Then I came to understand your comment.
    I wonder what happened to Gianni to change his style from hard-swingin’ to future electronic.
    Is there any recording in his big band era?
    According to his career including DJ and composition, did he mainly worked for broadcasting?

    I mailed to fotopalmas. Waiting for good reply.
  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
    Here is one photo of Gianni Safred! as far as I know there is no recording of the Big Band period but maybe searching could give results...
    Genta Osaki
  • Whatever he did I doubt he ever appeared on a better recording than this:-

    pickitjohnGenta Osaki
  • Spatzo, thanks for posting the picture.
    I’m surprised to see his face. Looks different from I
    But it is too small to take a closer look. Can you expansion it?
  • Mr. Dupont, thanks for comment.
    Exactly…his swingin’ piano is beyond time.
    It’s a masterpiece, isn’t it?
  • Spatzo, I’m able to see it clearer now. It’s alright.
  • spatzospatzo Virtuoso
    edited October 2014
    Yes unfortunately it is the only one that appears to be on the web. It seems to be also impossible to find other recordings of Safred. There is a record on ebay pressed in 1984 by "Music Scene" that can be of more interest, you can find it here: round 25 US dollars

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