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Gitane DG-250M

Gitane DG-250M
This is yet another variation of Saga's 200 series guitar. It has the same shallow neck angle and flatter top arch as the others so it is still a relatively dark guitar. The maple back and sides (which look really nice) give it a little more sizzle in the high end. This is my personal favorite of the 200 series Gitanes.

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Set Up Options (takes 2-4 weeks)
Install Clear Pick Guard ($50.00)
Braze Tailpiece (Busato Style) ($60.00)
Install High Quality Ebony Tailpiece Ins ($40.00)
Set Up Special: Fret Dress, Custom Bridge, Restring, Tailpiece Leather, Adjust Action and Truss Rod ($215.00)
Install Strap Button in Heel and Endpin ($30.00)
Which case would you like?
No Case
Boulder Alpine Series Gig Bag ($70.00)
Altamira Deluxe Gypsy Jazz Guitar Case ($150.00)
Superior Deluxe Gypsy Jazz Case - Black ($111.95)
Superior Deluxe Gypsy Jazz Case - Brown ($115.95)
Hiscox LiteFlight PRO-AC II Gypsy Guitar Case ($399.99)
Carbon Fiber Gypsy Guitar Flight Case ($575.00)
Carbon Composite Gypsy Guitar Flight Case ($499.00)
Would you like a pickup installed?
No Pickup
Dupont Bigtone ($465.00)
Geronimo Mateos LC Pickup ($485.00)
K and K Pure Maccaferri ($280.00)
K and K Definity System ($240.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup ($245.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist (Includes Pre Amp) ($295.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist Plus 1 (Includes Pre Amp and 1 Thumbwheel Control) ($305.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist Plus 2 (Includes Pre Amp and 2 Thumbwheel Controls ($310.00)
Would you like to upgrade your guitars tuners?
No upgrade
Install Schaller Three on a Plate Tuners ($165.00)
Install Saga Deluxe Tuners ($175.00)
Install Schaller Classic Deluxe Tuners ($230.00)
Install DR Brass Tuners ($465.00)
Would you like to upgrade your guitars tailpiece?
No upgrade
Dupont Nickel Tailpiece ($102.00)
Dupont Brass Tailpiece ($102.00)
Dupont DR Tailpiece ($175.00)
Guitar Specs
Brand Gitane
Year Current
Model Number DG-250M
Sound Hole Oval
Fret Neck 14 Fret
Condition New
Size 15 3/4"
Scale Length 680mm
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Body Depth 3 3/4"
Top Spruce
Back and Sides Birdseye Maple
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Binding Ebony/Maple/Walnut
Finish High Gloss
Tailpiece Saga
Tuners 3 on a plate Gold
Action Varies
Strings GHS Gypsy
Case None
Pickup(s) None
Truss Rod Yes
Weight 4.15 lbs

Reviews and Ratings


Great value!

Fast shipping and great service from djangobooks, as always. Bought the guitar on sale, so it got an extra star for value there. Had to sand of a bit on the bridge, to get the action/string distance I wanted. It was very tough to play before i did this.After a quick sanding it is very good. Great sound with lots of bass/low mid. There is a bit of "reverb", or what to call it, stringnoise from behind the bridge or from the tailpiece. I read somewhere that this was a common issue with guitars in the lower price range. It was easily fixed by putting a shoestring of leather cross the strings between the bridge and tailpiece. All in all a great guitar. Check out how it sounds here:

Submitted by: btfaeraas on 06/06/2012 04:56:33 PM


great guitar

I've purchased the Gitane DG-250M model guitar. The shipping was very prompt and the communication with djangobooks was pleasant and timely. 5* for that. The guitar is of a great quality build and with Bali strings it has a very strong sound, presence, pretty much what I expected. I didn't select the "gypsy set up" or whatever the labor is called to prep the guitar, rather relying on the manufacturer's setup. Well, this is where I take a star off the product - the manufacturer's setup is much to be desired. As a matter of fact I don't believe there was even a setup to begin with. Out of the box the guitar's strings had no tension and after tightening them up and tuning it had a pretty annoying buzz on the 7th fret on low E and A. After tinkering with it for a little I was able to reduce it, however couldn't eliminate it completely. Then I realized that the guitar wasn't 'aged' in the store, it came straight from the manufacturer so it didn't go through a typical adjustment period for the neck/body to adjust to new strings, etc. After 4 weeks the buzzing is almost gone, seems like it's going in the right direction.

Submitted by: Vic on 01/25/2012 07:22:56 PM

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