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2010 Barault D Hole

2010 Barault D Hole
Here's a chance to get a guitar from one of France's best luthiers for less. Normally Barault guitars start at $6500. This one is a fantastic deal at $4100.

This beautiful guitar was built by the renowned French luthier Jean Barault. Biréli Lagrène and Tchavolo Schmitt currently endorse Barault guitars.

This guitar includes:

  • Gorgeous laminate cocobolo back and sides
  • A real pliage (the top is heat bent just like the older Selmers!)
  • European spruce top
  • 670mm scale
  • 14 fret neck
  • Walnut neck
  • Body specs (15 13/16" body, 3 13/16" deep)
  • Lacquered interior (just like the vintage Selmers)
  • Barault tailpiece
  • Fretboard extension

The sound of this instrument is among the best Selmer copies being made today. It's no wonder Biréli chose to endorse Barault guitars as they offer a very traditional Selmer sound but have the playability of an ultra smooth archtop.

Interestingly, this D hole hardly sounds like a D hole at all. It's springy, punchy tone is more like what you'd expect from an oval hole model. It's a real lead machine with the single note power of the best oval hole guitars. However, it still has that nice D hole low end that makes chords sound deep and full.

Barault is one of the very few luthiers today actually making Selmer copies with a real pliage. He uses the method that Selmer did...the top is bent with a hot iron which creates a fold, or "pliage," in the top just under the bridge. 99% of Selmer copies being made today have forced tops which generally don't have the punch, volume, and quick attack that the pliage tops have.

Barault certainly wins the award for weight...this guitar is feather weight at only 3.8 pounds! Hard to find anyone making guitars that lightweight today. The lower weight allows the guitar to resonate freely....no wonder it sounds so good!

This guitar was played a fair amount over it's one year lifespan. There are some signs of use, most notably some significant pick wear that has worn off the finish in one small spot completely. There are also some scratches on the back and a few dings on the binding. There is minimal fret wear so it won't need a refret for sometime.

This is the CASH price...add 3% (4% for International orders) if you'd like to pay with a credit card.

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