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Altamira M01D

Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira M01D
Altamira guitars are the finest quality Selmer copies produced in Asia. This company makes the Manouche Latcho Drom models for Dell'Arte. The instrument you see here is branded under their own name and is identical to the Djangology model that Dell'Arte imports. Dell'Arte upgrades the tailpiece, tuners, and bridge and does some setup work. The Altamira guitars have more basic hardware and bridge options but these things can be upgraded by our tech Josh (see the options tab.) Also,the Altamiras have a more modern, ergonomic C shaped neck. The Manouche Latcho Drom guitars have a very large and uncomfortable U shaped neck.

Altamira guitars are THE best Asian made Selmer copies we've seen. Very traditional in sound with a bright high end and a lot of bark! Much drier and crisper then other guitars in this price range. Very French sounding yet at an Asian import price.

This guitar features laminated Rosewood back and side, Spruce top, and a Mahogany neck.

For More Info on Set Up Options Email Our Guitar Tech:  josh@djangobooks.com

Retail: $999.00
On Sale: $899.00
You Save: 11%
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Reviews and Ratings

Altamira M01D

By: mike k. on 08/02/2016 03:30:00 PM

This is an amazing gypsy jazz guitar. I've been playing jazz guitar for years, but just recently decided to learn how to play the music I've always loved, gypsy jazz. I decided to work with a teacher and focus only on gj rhythm guitar, for now, and have been spending all my time perfecting la pompe. Knowing my situation, Michael suggested this guitar, and it's perfect for my needs. The sound is full, warm and bright. I'm inspired every time i pick this guitar up, and what more can you ask for than that?! I busk with another gj player now (who has an oval hole), and the 2 guitars blend together beautifully. Even my teacher has admired the quality and tone of the M01D. Michael is extremely helpful and knowledgeable every time I need advice, and was spot-on in recommending the Altamira for my needs. However, when the guitar arrived, the intonation was a bit off and the action was too high for my tastes, even taking into consideration the fact that these guitars typically have higher action. After an inexpensive set-up from my local luthier, this guitar plays like a dream. Thanks Michael.


By: Kb on 06/20/2016 02:50:50 AM

Brilliant guitar fo the money, the perfect first gypsy guitar for me.. Easy to play and it has helped me get into this style. It has a very authentic sounds and ive used it know for a few years in a quartet playing gyspy music. The volume is loud, and the bright mids and trebles are seriously good. A set up was needed,polish rest etc, and i would recommend upgraeding the bridge, which i havent done yet. but all in all im really pleased.

Altamira Mo1D

By: Mr. Dilatante on 01/19/2015 12:45:31 PM

Had this guitar for two weeks now, can't leave it alone. Volume off the hook. If dreads are banjo killers, this is a dread killer. Okay, nice piece of bookmatched spruce, lots of silking. This is the thinnest top I've ever seen on a guitar, but with the substantial ladder bracing it's sturdy. I wonder if its this thin responsive top, or the long scale length, the subtle arch or what, that makes the sound this big. The braces are well sanded as are the insides of all surfaces. Glue in the kerfing a bit sloppy. The neck is great. That 26.6 scale length makes it a challenge for low position blues shuffles. Other than that, the length isn't the problem I thought it might be. The frets are even, edges smooth, but they are not at all polished, and if you like to bend strings you will need them polished. My luthier got it done for $75 and I didn't have to wait two weeks. I was hoping this axe would be more than a one trick pony, hoped it'd be good for swing jazz comping and leads. To that end, I found the silver strings disappointing. I know, gotta have the right sound. Well, screw that; I put on bronze strings and OMG! Actually went through five sets of strings in two days. With bronze this thing's got sustain for days, and requires some skillful muting technique to control this wild horse. But worth it. Everybody's chastised me about the bronze, but man, sometime you just might want to finger style this sweet thing, 1 3/4 nut and all. It so rings, but you have to watch the sympathetic strings that constantly pick up everything unless muted, including conversation from across the room. Try it you Gypsy purists, just for fun, then go back to your "The Sound." I appreciate that the tuner posts have bushings, rather than just using the wood for bushings like so many other lower end Selmer types. Michael at Djangobooks was great to talk to, and he got the right axe in my hands. Now all my other guitars on hooks and in cases are feeling neglected. My Petite Buche Dell Arte lead player is overjoyed that I got this guitar, loves the sound, even with the bronze, although he'd be even happier if I'd go back to silver.

Altamira M01D

By: Michael on 11/20/2012 12:55:11 PM

This guitar is a great bargain! It has the tone and dynamics of a much more expensive instrument---it does really have the DuPont vibe. The neck is comfortable (I like the slightly shorter scale of the D-hole), and the neck set angle, which is a real issue on the Gitane guitars, made setting it up for me a snap. Our lead player, who has a Rob Holo guitar, was very impressed! Thanks again, Michael!

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