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Gypsy Jazz guitars in Toronto

Ian RossiterIan Rossiter Fort Vermilion ,Alberta ,CanadaNew
I'm flying to Toronto in a few hrs for my cousins wedding.I'll be there till Sunday a.m.. Any good GJ hotspot's for music/Gear/Coffee,ect??
Practice ,Practice,EAT PRACTICE- Tommy Tedesco


  • constantineconstantine New York✭✭✭✭ Stringphonic
    I havent found much gear in T.O. There is a great acoustic shop

    The Twelfth Fret
    2132 Danforth Avenue
    Toronto, ON M4C 1J9

    Last time I went they had four GJ guitars, 3 were gitanes, one was european. Maybe call ahead and see if its worth stopping in.
  • Ian RossiterIan Rossiter Fort Vermilion ,Alberta ,CanadaNew
    SWEET!! Thanks, i just got in an hour ago, but will check it out!!
    Practice ,Practice,EAT PRACTICE- Tommy Tedesco
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