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chop builder

dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
edited October 2007 in Technique
a really good exercise to apply the technique as described in michael's book ... taken directly from Jimmy Rosenberg...


this one is more a left hand exercise, i stole it from yorgui loeffler but i've seen romane do it as well... yorgui plays it with 2 fingers... and if i recall romane does it with 4 ... of course you 're free to use whatever fingering you feel is most comfortable ... you could even do it with 1 finger!!! the difficulty lies in the awkward position shifting ...

it is given over a Gm chord... it works well over a minor blues... you transpose it a perfect 4th up to fit over Cm


Here's one I got from Ritary Gaguenetti but I've also seen Stochelo and Jimmy use it... he probably got it from them...


i'll add more sooner or later... maybe later :roll:


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