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FS: Dupont Bigtone Pickup External Mount

edited December 2010 in Classifieds
Hey Guys,

I'm selling a Dupont Bigtone pickup with the external mount option (1/8th inch jack). I bought it as a #1 Bridge (17.5 mm) and I had to sand it down a bit for a particular guitar because it was making the action too high. The the bridge is now about 16.5 mm. In the process of sanding it down a tiny bit of the wire casing that runs to the jack rubbed off, so I have a small piece of electrical tape over it. This doesn't have any tonal affect on the pickup whatsoever.The pickup works wonderfully. I haven't used it that much recently, so I thought I'd let someone else who would like a lower bigtone bridge jump on it. I am including the cable that came with it. I am asking $150 shipped. PM me if interested and my email is <!-- e --><a href="mailto:TPCima@gmail.com">TPCima@gmail.com</a><!-- e -->



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