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Finger trouble



  • robertsaundersrobertsaunders Brookline, MA✭✭✭✭ 2007 Gitane DB-255
    Posts: 244
    I've had this problem too. Mostly it was a case of the nail catching the top guitar string. Solution: I file the nail down before a jam, gig, or long practice session to where there is no edge whatsoever on it. The rest is just training the finger to stay out of the way.
  • DrSnyderDrSnyder New
    Posts: 16
    There should be no pain at all while playing the guitar. And for picking hand, I was wondering how the finger could be troubled, cuz the pick normally takes all the damage from the strings, enit?
  • JonnyJonny SwedenNew
    Posts: 42
    I thank you all for the feedback(excuse my tardiness). I've never had any problems with my fingernail, but I still have the problem with the index finger of my picking hand. I do have ( and already had when I wrote the first post ) a callous on it; I still, however, find it rather annoying that my finger should keep hitting the strings, though I have found that they probably always shall, so I will rely on my callous to do its job. I find it's not only when playing gipsyjazz either; the same thing applies when I'm playing the blues, or standardjazz for that matter. I guess my technique has changed indefinitely since starting to play gipsyjazz, and that I will probably never go back to using my "old technique" again - whatever that was(can't remember).
  • nutloafnutloaf WalesNew
    Posts: 85
    been using rest stroke for 2and a half years, and have never had this problem. The only thing i have when i have finished playing is a black mark on the finger and nail. Perhaps your playing a bit hard ease off a little or work on positioning the latter is what i had most trouble with.
    Don't stare at the stinking finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory.
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