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Guitars at Django in June, Northampton, MA

Never wandered through this part of the forum before...lots of interesting threads. I thought this would be a good place to mention the guitars that folks will have a chance to check out at the Guitar and Gear Show on Sunday at Django in June. (June 3-5, Northampton, MA). So far, the builders who will either be there or whose work will be shown by others are: Dell Arte, Saga, Michael Collins, Shelley Park, Bernard Lehmann, ACE, Ithaca Stringed Instruments and Rigel (mandolins). On top of that, of course, we get to check out each others guitars...Michael Horowitz will have his Favino, I'm playing a Zimnicki...who knows what folks will bring?

If you haven't been to the website recently, (lots of updates), please swing by and have a look around. Just go to AcousticGuitarNetwork.org and follow the Django in June links. Hope you can join us...




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