Dell'Arte Pigalle vs. Gitane D-255

Hey there

As soon as I am done getting rid of my electric guitar amp and pedals (good riddance!), I will be looking at purchasing a new git. Right now, I am torn between the two guitars mentioned in the title.

I've decided to go for a "petite bouche" simply because the sound appeals to me more, but I still don’t know what make or model.

I can't seem to find a decently priced Gitane here which isn't a D-500, and therefore I am forced to order "blind", so to speak.

I'm looking at spending no more than 600 euro...currently approximately 900 dollars (you gotta love exchange rates), so if there are other models you can think of, please say!

So, has anyone got to compare the Dell'Arte with Gitane? The specs are very similar, but that’s what you'd expect. Both are made in Asia (which doesn't mean much to me anyway, my favourite git is MIJ), and basically they seem identical.

So, can anyone help?
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