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Blues en mineur tab error?

Hey Greg/All -

I have been working on the Blues en mineur leads in the play-along book and it sounds to me like the ascending arpeggio from the very end of bar 21 and through bar 22 has an error. The arpeggio is written like this:


But I don't hear the second note on the b string (Asharp, Bflat) being played on the recording. What I hear is this:


Can you confirm or deny this error? Great book, btw. Just wanted to see if you could clear this up.

- Jason


  • gregrubygregruby Moderator
    I went back and listened. The A pickup note is only played by the violin. It is almost inaudible but it is there.

    Neil starts the line on the note B on beat 1 of measure 22 and plays it all as triplets. He doesn't play the pickup and that can make it tricky if you are primarily listening to the guitar on the track.

    Good ears,

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