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Brazilian mandolin--My new CD!

stublastubla Prodigy Godefroy Maruejouls
edited February 2005 in Mandolin Posts: 386
Some of you Mando heads maybe interested in my brasilian groups new cd which contains amazing performances by my colleague and pal Anselmo Netto--one of the worlds greats on 'bandolim'(as those dyslexic Brasilians call the mando....)
its a mix of Choro,Brasilian jazz,Samba and bossa Nova
I'm on cavaquinho(a small steel string uke) and guitar
We in the group are quietly proud of it

you can hear samples here--

http://www.guitarcds.net/store/viewitem ... roduct=559

I play lead on "Na Gloria"--one of the sound samples.

Our website is http://www.caratinga-music.co.uk

let me know what you think!

it ain't Gypsy jazz but its great and challenging Music.



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