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The kindest man I have had the honor to know passed away friday. He was a brilliant inventor, luthier and athlete, as well as the most humble, caring and peaceful person. He was like a father to me and the door to his workshop was always open to me and my family. Rest in peace Ger Boonstra


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    What??? Oh no...

    That interview that's on his website is fairly recent, from 2019. He looked a relatively young guy. Oh man this is aweful...

    Mehran s
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    became interested in his art, when I saw his good-sounding guitar in Fapy lafertin hands

    I called him last year and asked if it was possible to make a guitar with Brazilian rosewood back & side, he didn’t agree.

    😪 R.I.P

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    I am shocked and saddened to here of his passing, such a top, top man. He was very fair minded and not at all greedy when it came to his guitar pricing. He's sorely missed.

    Mehran s
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    His prices for repairs were almost criminal, in that he charged so little. The first time I went to get a guitar refretted, I laughed at the price he named, and he said , frets are just little pieces of metal, it's not expensive. He was far more concerned with finding the right match in a player and one of his guitars than selling to every interested party. I saw him tell people on multiple occasions that the guitar they liked wasn't for them. His replica tuners and tailpieces were/are extremely expensive to make, as quality came first, and I can say with certainty that he was only making a 10% "profit" if you include the labor cost. He was always tuning a motorcycle engine, fixing a jukebox or using any of his brilliant engineering skills to help people out, despite being super busy, and would always charge peanuts for the specialized work he did with so much care.

    @Mehran s : Ger was pretty resistant to international shipping and orders for guitars due to the philosophy of finding the right match (see above) for the player and his/her instrument. Also he wasn't into the paperwork required to dealing with Brazilian rosewood, so he probably declined on those 2 accounts.

    Mehran sBill Da Costa WilliamsBucobillyshakes
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