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Any advice on how to permanently mount an Audio-Technica Pro 70

I have noticed that Joscho Stephan has permanently mounted his microphone (which appears to be an Audio-Technica) inside his guitar. This method is probably to protect this notoriously fragile microphone.

The A-T instrument clip is visible at the soundhole, and he seems to connect it using what must be a stereo jack at the tail of the guitar (it needs three leads for signal, shield, and phantom power).

Does anyone have advice on how to do this?

Cut the cable and solder to a connector between mic and powerbox to leave the powerbox outside the guitar, or put the powerbox inside the guitar and connect the XLR output from the box to a stereo jack plug installed in the guitar?

I would appreciate any advice, especially if you have done this or happen to know what Joscho Stephen did!





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