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Speaker Recommendation

Hey guys,

I'm a bass player turned gypsy guitarist. I have a great bass amp. I also see guitarists use - an Acoustic Image Focus II R. Can anyne recommend a speaker to use with this for guitar? None of my bassc cabinets sound that good.




  • StringswingerStringswinger Santa Cruz and San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭ 1993 Dupont MD-20, Shelley Park Encore
    Posts: 401

    Get an extended range Reazer's Edge cabinet. Djangobooks sells them. A perfect match with your amp.

  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
    Posts: 421

    Stringswinger - good Idea.

    Personally I use a (ancient) Coda.

    I'd consider a hat box (Harvie S designed speaker from Acoustic Image). My usual bassist has one and we have run through it together on occasion.

    What might be important to mention here- what kind of pick-up/mic are you using? Playing Rhythm or leads?

    I use only Mics (dpa and rode) and really only play rhythm with this set up (and use an ampeg with my magnetic pickups on archtops).


  • RSpenceRSpence New
    Posts: 3

    Thanks for the replies. This looks good:

    I need to figure out a pickup as well. I haven't played out much yet - so hasn't been an issue but the two times I did play out with a pickup I used one of these iRig Acoustic stage things and it sounded pretty terrible! I eventually got a decent sound with the Acoustic Image head and a bass cabinet which has an 8, 5 and tweeters but it wasn't that great....I think I'll start with that speaker and assuming the IRig acoustic sounds just as bad I'll then look at some clip on system - I don't want to cut into the wood on this Polak I am using. I want to be able to play both rhythm and lead.

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