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Hi! I'm wondering about two chords of this version of vette that I haven't figured out yet. I've been following the leadsheet in the preparation for djangoinjune pdf which states the chords in the A section as Gmaj6 - Cmaj6 - Gmaj6 - Cm6 - G/B - D7 - Amin7 D7 Gmaj6 (D7), but it isn't quite what is played here. Instead of Cm6 they play two chords (II, V something?) that almost sound like anticipating the Fm9 in the B section. So, if anyone is willing to share, I would really like to know how they play the A section of this tune as what follows the Cm6 isn't quite accurate either it seems. Thanks!


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    Here's the progression i hear after intro...
    Gmaj6 - % - Cmaj6 - % - Gmaj6 - % - Cm6 - % - G/B - G/B - Am7 - D7 - G/B Bbdim - Am7 D7 - Gmaj6 G#dim - Am7 D7 - Gmaj6

    in the above notation the % is repeat for the previous chord and the - indicates a measure line

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    Thank you! The turnaround at the ending sounds just right to me and really helped me out:) But instead of Cm6 - % -, which still sounds off in my ears, I now hear (keeping your notation) Bbm7 - Eb7. Not sure if this is correct, but it sounds good to me(!).
    Thanks again:)
    Wim GlennBuco
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    Cm6 chart will be more Django version. Not sure who is playing rhythm for Noé there, maybe is Ghali Hadefi?

    Adrien seems certainly to be playing inside Bb- / Eb7 ideas around the same time (DIJ 2008)
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    Yeah I think you're right about Bb-/Eb7 because I hear bass going (starting on the two bars of G prior to that change, should be 5th bar)
    /G Gb /E DC/Bb Db /Eb Bb/
    /G Gb/E BE/A E /D A /B Bb /
    /A D /G

    Plus I think in bar 10 (bars 9 and 10 I hear rhythm just hanging on a G69, I don't hear G/B) on the 4th beat rhythm guitar makes a quick jump to E9/B or maybe a "magic chord" prior to going to Am7 to D7.

    But yeah Django version is as richter said and what's in DiJ prep material, which is probably what you should stick to at DiJ. But it was a good exercise :)
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    You guys are totally right.....I actually thought that Kantor was asking about the turnaround sequence. I also just assumed it was the same as the Thomas Baggerman version I already transcribed. I really like the Bb/Eb7 change here, sounds great in place of the Cm. Awesome!
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    Just me who thinks that first Cmaj6 should be a C13 ?
    I swear I'm hearing a b7 alongside the 6(13)
    |\ _,,,--,,_ ,)
    /,`.-'`' -, ;-;;'
    |,4- ) )-,_ ) /\
    '---''(_/--' (_/-'
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    Not just you - I play a fat C9 there.
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    Wim Glenn, thanks for sharing Moignard and Chatelain's version of Vette. Can't believe I've never seen it before:)
    My ears also agree with Buco in not hearing any G/B, but simply G69, though I have kept G/B for the turnaround. I don't hear any quick E9/B, but instead think the magic comes from the A, E, B 16th movement played there by the bass.

    AndyW, I can't hear any b7 or 13 (though my ears are pretty terrible!). It feels right to just chug on the typical C9 chord.

    Also, I wonder where the Bbm7 Eb7 comes from. It sounds great. Could probably be used as a substitution at similar spots in other songs, at least in the improvisation, provided the band agrees. Not that I could... but those who really can play.
  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
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    It comes out of nowhere... ;)
  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira MF01, Godefroy Maruejouls
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    Wim Glenn wrote: »
    It comes out of nowhere... ;)

    always learning
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