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dupont construction


I have a 2011 dupont nomade d-hole. I recently noticed some sagging on the soundboard by the fretboard.

I plan on taking it in to a luthier so he can have a look. There are some very good builders nearby, but no one with experience working on gypsy jazz guitars. So I'm looking for some advise.

After taking a closer look the braces that run parallel to the longer sides of the opening were intact and firmly connected to the soundboard. I also noticed there were no braces that run on the narrower sides of the opening like in the collins and maccaferri plans I was able to dig up.

Is my problem a common issue?

What are your thoughts on the best approach to fix it and make sure it won't happen again?

I was thinking (a dangerous thing) the top could be removed and flattened, braces could be added for more structural reinforcement (like in the maccaferri plans. Does anyone know (or care to guess) how this would effect the sound?



  • BonesBones Moderator
    Sounds like you might have let it dry out. Do you keep it stored in a hard case when not in use? Do you live in a dry environment? Do you use a case humidifier? 50% RH is about right. If you put it in a case with a humidifier and slack the strings you might see it come back up. DON'T OVERDO IT WITH THE HUMIDIFIER.
  • Thanks for the sound advise (pun intended). Usually id do leave it in the case, but I recently I decided to leave the guitar on a stand to increase my practice sessions. That worked. Humidity was at 35%. I should have kept an eye on that. Anyway, I brought the humidity in my room to 50%. After 1 week it's looking a little better. (not quite there yet though.) Fingers crossed... - Thanks, I hope it works, cheaper then brining it in.
  • BonesBones Moderator
    Yeah I know the temptation to leave it out of the case. I guess that's ok if you really have 50% RH but just the same I'd probably leave it in the case with a humidifier at least until the body recovers. Personally I always keep it in a case.
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