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Do any of you guys know what luthiers or guitar companies look for in endorsing artists? Besides a presence in the scene. Does it ordinarily consist of being signed to a label?

In terms of deals do they normally offer them a model free of charge or royalties? I guess it varies with each company.


  • Chris MartinChris Martin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Petrarca, Di Mauro, Favino, Bucolo, Altamira
    I guess it varies according to the intended market. Les Paul or Hank Marvin I believe got a royalty from each one sold (from Gibson and Burns respectively) and both were very influential pioneers in their time. As for the more limited Gypsy Jazz market I suspect deals are done in a smaller way, maybe a free guitar made to the player's specs gives the company the right to make and sell that model forever after whether they sell two or two thousand. Gitane have a range of 'name' guitars, as do Dell'Arte and Gallato but as we all know the big names are very fickle in their preferences anyway, so you could buy a Tchavolo Schmitt Gallato for example while the man himself plays a Dupont, Barault, Lagane or whatever else. Likewise Angelo has had a few different luthiers offer models with his name on. But why would we really want any of these anyway? There are enough choices available to get the guitar that suits you - D-hole, F-hole or oval, which timbers, scale length or hardware, and no, buying a guitar with a name on it will not endow you with that players sound or technique tempted as I am by a Jeff Beck Strat!
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