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Djams in Richmond VA and surrounding areas?

I know about the Baltimore and DC area communities and activities.

Looking for Djams in Richmond VA and surrounding areas.

Cheers to all and Thank You


  • I met a couple from Richmond at DiJ, a husband and wife duo. He's a good player, she's a wonderful singer and amazingly sings everything in original keys while sounding great. They make delicious cocktails, whimsically named like Mango Reinhardt. The only problem is I don't remember their names. I think they call their band something like Cocktail Sticks.
    @"Wim Glenn" you were jamming together, do you remember their names?
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • dorkydave1dorkydave1 Richmond VA Altamira M10D
    Hey, I live in Richmond VA and would be happy to get together. We have a couple active GJ groups here (Gypsy Roots and Django Tango), but no Djams that I know of. I do know most of the local GJ players though.
  • @dorkydave1 - Great! I’ve found a few others interested in djams in the area too. Will send a pm shortly. - Cheers
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