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  • MichaelHorowitz 3:18PM

Getting back into Django

Hey Djangobooks,

It's been a while! So I'm getting my fingers out of retirement and hungry to delve back into Django's music...I didn't quit playing guitar but I focused more on other styles for several years(swing, country, solo jazz,etc). Long story short, I recently watched the French film "Django" and suddenly found myself digging out my old D-500 and going back over those great chords and phrases. (On a side-note, the movie wasn't perfect and I don't think much was true but it does feature some great recreations of Django's playing by the Rosenberg Trio).

Anyways, I'm curious if any of you have taken a break for a long time, and then returned...what practice routines might you do to get back in shape? The Michael books are great and I still have those and plan to do a lot of work in them this summer. Any ideas are welcome. I've missed this music and it's great to be back and see many of the same names here as from when I joined 10 years ago (omg).


  • vanmalmsteenvanmalmsteen Cameron Park ,CANew DiMaruro, Paris swing, Altamira m30d
    I myself have just come back to it after well over 10 years, closer to 15 ! Had to knock off because of repetitive strain injury that just dog me for a long time . Obsessed with it once again though . The great thing coming back to it now is that there is so much more learning material available then there was 15 years ago . Robin Nolan has great instructional things on his YouTube channel, so definitely check that out to get back in the game
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