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DeArmond "Monkey on a stick" pickup mount reproduction

V-dubV-dub San Francisco, CA✭✭✭✭
My 3D printing adventures continue: this time, nobody has reissued these, so I made a sort of frankenstein recreation of the "Monkey on a stick" pressure rod clamp so I could use a genuine vintage DeArmond rhythm chief pickup on my selmer style guitar. If you haven't seen these, they clamp behind the bridge and extend a rod to mount through a hole that is built-in to these pickups. I personally think they look really cool and funky aside from the benefit of being removable. (Putty works well for mounting the pickups, but can be impossible with D hole if you want the neck position. The bridge rod solves that)

If you haven't tried these pickups I think they are just great and I wonder why they are not more popular with Gypsy players. Archtop players already know and love them, but they work wonderfully for gypsy jazz too. The reissues are pretty faithful in my opinion, and I think they are a great budget alternative compared to boutique Stimer clones. I believe there's even now a "gypsy version", though it's not really clear how it's different. Perhaps someone could shed some light on that.

Full details of the project here:
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