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El Dorado - Dorado Schmitt Chords?

Does anyone have the chords to this great tune?


  • NewcastleBudNewcastleBud Erstwhile✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2017
    Well,..I tried to scan a chart I made for you, but my scanner doesn't seem to want to work.
    Anyway,..this seems more or less correct:

    DMa7| % | G Ma7| % |D Ma7 | % |C#ø |F#7+|B-7 |B-7maj7|B-7 |E7 |

    B-7 | E7 |A7 (9,11)| A7 (#5,13)

    DMa7| % | G Ma7| % |D Ma7 | % |C#ø |F#7+

    G Maj7| C7 | F#-7| B7 | E7 | A7 (9,11)| D Ma7| A7 (#5,13)

    The intro chords go between A7 9,11 and C7 9,11 (at least that's how I'm seeing it)


    I think, therefore I am......I think.
  • Yeah thanks, I took it out myself but slightly differently from you. :)
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