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Artists at Django in June 2017, phase 1

andoatagnandoatagn Northampton, MAProdigy
in North America Posts: 134
Hi Folks:
I have just completed my first update of the staff and artists page of the DiJ website. Here are some highlights of what/whom you'll find there:
  • We're planning a strong swing musette component this year ('bout time!) with Marcel Loeffler and his son Cedric on board, along with Christophe Astolfi.
  • Some relative newcomers whose work you may not be familiar with yet: Kourosh Kanani and Duved Dunayevsky.
  • Someone I've been wanting to bring for years: Emmanuel Kassimo.
  • Someone I've heard about from the earliest days of my exposure to Gypsy jazz, a teacher of masters: Serge Krief.
  • On violin, old friend Tim Kliphuis and new talent Fiona Monbet.
We'll be bringing more staff on soon, but come by and have a look:
Staff and artists

I look forward to sharing a great week with you! (June 12-18.)
Northampton, MA
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