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Selmer #607 new album due for Fall 2016!

StephaneStephane New
edited September 2016 in Recording
Hi everyone, The Selmer #607 dream team is planning to record a 3rd album, which will feature some of the best gypsy jazz players in the world. To support the project and preorder the cd, here is the link. Please share, twit, facebook...
Thank you


  • dongiedongdongiedong Rennes, FRNew Patenotte 250 (~50's), Mazaud "Paname"
    They're also launching the 607 School, with lessons from the solists and the rythm section :)
  • StephaneStephane New
    edited September 2016
    79 % of goal achieved. But 12 days left only... Thanks for contributing/preordering and share.
  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    Really looking forward to this one! Antoine Boyer was an excellent choice for the new project.
  • StephaneStephane New
    edited October 2016
    Yes. Definitely. A gypsy jazz dream team and cool guys. A beautiful project. 82% of goal reached tonight. 10 days left only. I apologize for repeating myself over and over but share, twit, support! Thanks.

    And this is what it looks like in a studio (1st album take & 2nd album teaser). Enjoy.

  • Wim GlennWim Glenn oƃɐɔᴉɥƆModerator 503
    edited October 2016
    I would LOVE to see more of the videos in the studio, if you can film them during the recording it will be excellent - these kinds of video where you can see the guitarists hands clearly are extremely valuable for people who the transcribe solos.

    I've watched the 3 others on the channel and they are great, so thanks very much for what's there already! And if you have any more video hanging around from the previous albums... well, they could be a great incentive on the kickstarter too!
  • Hi guys. 88 % of goal achieved. One week left. Thanks to all of you who already participated. Please watch, enjoy and share.
  • Hugh HuffakerHugh Huffaker Denver Dupont MD60
    edited October 2016
    I agree with @Wim Glenn completely - That would be a huge incentive for donating to the cause.
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