Help needed: Gonzalo Bergara´s "Caledonia" Chords from his new album "Claroscuro"?

Hi guys,

just wondering if anyone could help me with the chords and main riffs for the awesome tune by Gonzalo Bergara "Caledonia" from his brand new album entitled "Claroscuro" which I strongly recommend. I would appreciate any help in this way, and if anyone had transcribed any of the rest of the tunes of the album it would be welcome :-).



  • seeirwinseeirwin ✭✭✭ AJL J'attendrai | AJL Orchestra
    edited June 2016 Posts: 115

    Violin intro with Leah singing:

    C fm /am C7 /F Bb F/C C7/
    F E/am7 D/F G7/C C7/
    F E/am7 D/F fm/C

    Guitar intro:

    C F/G C/C F/G C/am dm/G C C7/F G/E A7/dm/fm G/

    Main Verse part (same chords as intro):

    C fm/am C7/F Bb F/C C7/
    F E/am7 D/F G7/C C7/
    F E/am7 D/F fm/C

    Leah singing in English (similar to last part with two changes (I think...)):

    C E/am C7 /F Bb F/C C7/
    F E/am7 D/F G7/C C7/
    F E/am7 D/F G7/C

    Other Leah part ("Oh honey you know what is best for you):
    C/fm/C/fm/C/D fm/C ebm/dm c#m/f#m/C#7/E/F#/bm/D E

    Mandolin solo through the end of the song (same as Leah in English but in key of A):

    A C#/f#m A7/D G D/A A7/
    D C#/f#m B/D E/A A7/
    D C#/f#m B/D E/A/

    Hope this helps!

  • JosechikyJosechiky
    Posts: 109
    I have just seen your response!Thank you so much!!Great job! ::-D:
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