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jonwheatley leshane

Pick guard?

Is any one aware of any one who makes adhesive pick guards specifically for selmac type guitars? I've noticed my guitars espaically my D hole is getting quite a lot of marks on the treble area.
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  • lmntrylmntry Portland , Oregon✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 92
    The pick guard material I use can be purchased on's called guitar bra.
    This is a non-adhesive removable cling on guard .
    I order the GB # 9 which is a do it Yourself Blank 9" x 12" Sheet of their material and will make 3 or 4 guards.
    I just cut it to the size I want....and they really work well .
    I put a permanent one on once and will never do that again.

  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
    Posts: 622

    Great post. This is a really good idea and I will start offering this product in my shop as an option.

  • TenorClefTenorClef UKNew
    Posts: 150
    Thanks i'll check it out.
    Currently-Gitane 250M
    Previously-Gitane 255
    Previously- Gitane D500
  • sockeyesockeye Philadelphie sur SchuylkillNew
    Posts: 415
    The clear static clilng vinyl stuff can be bought very cheaply at Wal-Mart in the crafts section. It is used to make classy (!) furniture covers as well as other things.

    Be careful though and don't leave it on your guitar for any length of time. Vinyl melts nitrocellulose lacquer.

  • TenorClefTenorClef UKNew
    Posts: 150
    Having seen how beat up and scratched selmer style guitars tend to get it is a wonder they did'nt add them any way. I had a look on and i see from their archive section that one or two old selmers had pick guards added at some point to save the guitars from any further wear.
    Currently-Gitane 250M
    Previously-Gitane 255
    Previously- Gitane D500
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