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Downloading forum videos

pdaiglepdaigle Montreal, QCNew
edited February 2006 in Welcome
I have seen many people ask if it is possible to download forum videos. It is possible; I will try to explain how. I will try to keep this as non technical as I can but you do need to fiddle around a bit. I will use the following post as an example:


Load the page that contains the video to download in your browser, then right-click in the page and choose "View Source". If you are a Windows Explorer user, this will open Notepad with the source code of the web page displayed in it. Do "Edit->Find" in Notepad and look for the string 'mplayer' (without the quotes). The line right under the line containing mplayer should look like:
<param name="FileName" value="files/jimmy_309.wmv">

The string following value= is the actual name of the video file that was uploaded (hence, the one you want to download).

Now you simply type the following (just add whatever is contained in 'value=' above to the www.djangobooks.com/forum URL) in your browser address bar:


And you should be able to save it (unless your browser is set to automatically play this type of content in an app...)

I hope this helps.

Firefox users: the procedure is basically the same except that Firefox displays the page source in one of its own windows instead of Notepad so just use Ctrl-f to bring up the Firefox search tool and you're set.


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