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[New] Lousson Baumgartner - Daphnée

Svanis1337Svanis1337 ✭✭✭
edited September 2012 in History
Enjoy! :)

From the description: Unfortunately the quality of this recording does not make justice to its author and performer. This recording is completely new and unheard and was recorded by a spectator and friend on a small recorder.


  • scotscot Virtuoso
    That certainly sounds like Lousson and I don't recall hearing this before - many thanks. When/where was this recorded and who else is on it? The fiddle sounds like Spatzo Adel... Of course, the tune isn't original or called "Daphnee", it's actually "There Will Never Be Another You" by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.
  • Good find. Although the sound quality is dreadful, it swings along nicely and Lousson plays well in his late 40s Django electric style. Bit odd when the violinist comes in after the guitar solo though.
  • scot wrote:
    Of course, the tune isn't original or called "Daphnee", it's actually "There Will Never Be Another You" by Harry Warren and Mack Gordon.
    Indeed it is. My French is very poor but the text seems to be saying that Lousson is called "Daphnee"!!!! :shock: :? :roll:
  • Hi! Thanks, of course I don't know anything about this recording, I found the clip today while researching. Once in a while when I have some time to kill I lurk around in different places and sometimes I'll find something interesting and other times I get nothing. 8)

    It's amusing that I stumbled across this with a title like "Daphnée by lousson". It appears the clip was uploaded by Dallas Baumgartner, you could always comment on the video or send him a PM in hopes of finding out who the other band members are. :D

    I like what I hear in Lousson's playing and I'd like to take the opportunity to ask;
    are there any other recorded instances of Lousson playing apart from the Danish documentary, "Love Is Here To Stay", "Nuits de Saint-Germain des-Prés" and this one?
  • Here are a couple where you can actually see him play:-

    ....and Dallas Baumgartner has uploaded more of Lousson's recordings on youtube.
  • Oh yeah! I found four more that he uploaded on the channel "dallasbaumgartner". Thanks Teddy! Also that's the Danish documentary I meant. Never saw it, only the clips you uploaded. Fantastic stuff! :D
  • I do not recognize here Spatzo Adel as being the violonist. Spatzo was influenced by Grappelli's approach on violin and played on arpeggios rather than on scales with a great sense of swing, an intense vibrato, a slightly low approach of each note and a lot of poetry. In fact I never have heard Spatzo playing "There will never be another you" that wasn't in the commun repertory in those years.

    It might eventually be Roger Hohmann a violinist that lived in Rue des Cascades in Paris and died in 1975. He played very often with the Garcia family in Clignancourt on a Steiner violin.
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