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Schertler David

keary18keary18 Jackson, MS✭✭✭✭
I bought the Schertler David amp earlier this month and had the opportunity to use it last night while playing a restaurant gig. Although I have been practicing and working with the different settings before playing publicly, I waited to use the amp before submitting this post.

I play a Gitane 250m (with DYN-G, also has a big tone installed) and a Lowden F32c (with the DYN-G and the Fishman Matrix II pickup). The amp is beyond terrific. With the DYN-G, the sound is as natural an acoustic sound as I've ever heard; it's like having a mic in front of you, but to me, it's better. No feedback, buzzing, hissing, etc., just a very straight forward, clean sound. And the amp really delivers the sound. I thought about trying to boost the sound on the DYN-G, and if I had my preference I would, but even without it, the strength of the volume was fine. The warm setting for standard acoustic pickups is terrific. It cuts the brashness of the sound and gives the musician a lot of leeway in setting the eq.

I ran the amp into a sound board which drives the house speakers, focusing the amp at an angle toward the listening area, but at an angle to me as well. A friend told me he heard my amp over the house, not meaning volume, but that the clarity of the amp is really distinct. Also, I was told that there was a significant difference in sound clarity coming from my guitar in contrast to my buddy who was playing through a fender, i.e. my sound was very natural as if I just turned up the guitar's volume, as opposed to an "electric" sound coming from the fender. I am playing a very different music/style set next week and looking forward to working with this amp again. I've had a lot of amps the past year; Fender, Ultrasound, AER (which I really liked a lot), and a few others I borrowed, none of which matched up to the Schertler.

I bought the gig back with this amp; the amp weighs very little and is very easy to transport, a lot like the AER Compact 60, but seems just a little smaller. I really can't say enough good about it. If you're needing/wanting an amp for yourself, this is definitely one you owe yourself to check out.

Obviously, I'm really happy with this.
My 2 cents,


  • mitch251mitch251 marylandNew
    Posts: 70
    I would just like to say I have the same rig (only with the Unico) and though nothing ever delivers a perfect accoustic sound this combination is quite satisfying .
    Its Great!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 895
    ive been using the Unico for 6 months now with the Shertler DYN-G and I love it. I rarely get the best tone out of it though because I rarely turn it up past 20% of the amps max volume. when i turn it up louder (at home) it really sounds great.

    i have had some feedback issues with the schertler and the Crate Taxi combo but NEVER have the same issues when using the Unico amp.

    the bigtone also sounds fine through the Taxi and the Unico.

    (I plugged my bigtone into a PA the other night and it sounded like crap though. like serious crap.)

    the truth is that if you are smart enough you can get any AMP + mic combo to sound ok ( I think)
    "I want to party like its 1929!"
  • keary18keary18 Jackson, MS✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 53

    the only mistake I made was not listening to what you were saying about a certain amp months ago, and as much as I've tried to make that sound work, I couldn't. I enlisted help from many sound guys and nothing made it better. I agree with you on the sound of the big tone, I was amazed at how good it sounded through this amp.

    also, when I first started trying the schertler out, the strength of the volume was not what I expected, it is loud and I'm not using it's total capability either, trying though.....

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