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Vladimir Muzic Vladiator

Vladimir Muzic Vladiator

Handmade in France by noted luthier Vladimir Muzic. Unusually warm sounding, yielding a beautiful tone from even the brashest of instruments. The bevel is exceptionally well cut and the thumb indentation allows the pick to be held with little effort. 3.5mm thick.

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Vladimir Muzik Vladiator

For reference, this pick is about 29.8mm long and 27mm wide and appears to be made from polycarbonate- the same material used for the black Dunlop Primetone picks. Unlike the Dunlop picks, the right-handed bevels on these picks are both very well shaped and polished to a high gloss. As advertised, it is a warm sounding pick. On the back of the pick, there is a arched groove cut (similar to Dugains) to allow the index finger to rest in, although it doesn't extend out to the edges of the picks. Overall, I would personally consider this one of the finest picks Djangobooks carries.

Submitted by: Eric Lopez on 02/02/2016 10:40:27 PM


Vladimir Muzic Vladiator

Pros: Easy to hold, great tone and feel.

Cons: Now I want another one as a backup.

I've spent a stupid amount of money on picks - Wegen, Dugain, Blue Chip, you name it, I've tried it. This is the first pick I've bought in a long time where I didn't immediately want to get out the files and sandpaper and recut the bevel. It sounded great right away. It is nice and warm but still gives plenty of volume, and without a lot of string noise. Got it in the mail today and used it on a gig earlier tonight, and I loved it. It seemed to make everything a little bit easier to play.

Submitted by: Steve on 11/02/2013 08:36:28 PM

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