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Vladimir Muzic Miniator

Vladimir Muzic Miniator

Handmade in France by noted luthier Vladimir Muzic. Unusually warm sounding, yielding a beautiful tone from even the brashest of instruments. The bevel is exceptionally well cut and the thumb indentation allows the pick to be held with little effort. 2mm thick.

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This is a very nice pick to play with. Not as warm sounding as I was expecting but on the upside it's also louder than a warmer sounding pick, with those you usually sacrifice some volume. It's really comfortable in hand. Doesn't slip around. Bevel is perfect. It glides off the strings without a hint of scratchiness. There's some pick noise, you get some tick-tick if you hit the pick against the strings without sounding a note, but much less than thicker picks. Because of the pick noise I personally think that 2mm is the optimal thickness. You get the volume and good projection but without the artifacts of a thicker pick. It's more expensive than some other hand made Gypsy jazz picks but not unreasonably so. When you see how labor intensive process it is to make a similar pick (there's a YouTube with Jokko making his) you realize that these guys aren't making a fortune with them. I assume Vladimir isn't that different. I've bought picks that I ended up not using after a trial period but I don't think this one is going to end up in a drawer. It's going to be the one go to when I want a slightly brighter tone from my guitar.

Submitted by: Buco on 10/12/2017 05:40:04 PM

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