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UltraSound DI Max Acoustic Guitar Preamp

UltraSound DI Max Acoustic Guitar Preamp

The UltraSound DI MAX is a DI box, an instrument preamp, a mic preamp, and a signal blender, making it among the most versatile instrument preamps on the market. A great tool for every musician to have in his or her gig bag, the UltraSound DI Max Preamp provides a solution to those aggravating stage setup problems and it keeps the controls right at your fingertips.
With 2 independent channels, the DI MAX can be used as a blender as well as a preamplifier. The Channel-1 input will accept 1/4" mono, as well as 1/4" stereo (TRS) inputs. This allows the DI MAX to process the "tip" signal through the Channel-1 controls and the "ring" signal through the Channel-2 controls. This also gives you an enormous amount of flexibility for creative signal blending from your stereo pickups. Of course you can plug 2 different instruments into the DI MAX and blend the signals. Channel-1 also allows the use of an XLR input so you can use it as a personal mic preamp.
The UltraSound DI Max lets you dial in a clear, natural sound and route it to a stage PA from a balanced XLR output. A 1/4" Line out sends the signal to your stage amp. Tone controls include active bass and treble EQ, mid-dip shape control, and phase switch. Operates on 48V phantom power, 9V adapter, or 9V battery.

UltraSound DI Max Acoustic Guitar Preamp Features:

  • Full-featured stereo preamp and DI box
  • "Bulletproof" metal housing
  • Input gain control for each channel to allow proper setting for the huge variety of acoustic pickup output levels
  • Balanced XLR output for routing the signal to a PA system
  • 1/4" Line Out for sending the signal to a stage amp
  • Both stage and PA outputs have their own level controls
  • 48V phantom power capability
  • Active bass and treble EQ for each channel
  • Mid-dip shape for each channel control permits removal of honky
  • Phase switch for each channel to help eliminate feedback
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Reviews and Ratings


Ultrasound DI Max

Pros: simple, two DI in one, Pre-amp and EQ

Cons: none

I needed a very simple quality DI pre amp for a few songs that require an acoustic for our Roy Orbison set. I am an old rocker and this works perfectly and I was real surprised at how nice it made my acoustic sound. I once had an LR Baggs Para and it was just to complicated for me and I couldn't get it to sound good. My guitar is a 59 Martin 0017 I've had since new when I was 10 years old. It has a simple piezo buzzer element stuck on the inside no battery or eq and no butchering of the guitar involved for install either. I asked for advice on the Acoustic guitar Forum and this was highly recommended as a quality unit that would do what I wanted and not break the bank. It has a three year warranty which I like. Got it from Django Books, great price best on the net fast shipping and very responsive to questions. Thank You Django.

Submitted by: rcboals on 06/12/2014 08:51:19 AM


sound quality/durability

Pros: being able to use battiries if an adapter is not available

my Peavy Bamm 10 amp has only one line input on the front and an alternate input in the back, i play stacked boards in my studio which meant one board was being canceled out but the DI Max solved that issue. the sound quality is great it's built for mobility and the phase, shape and tone controls makes you say wow !!

Submitted by: baby jack on 05/02/2014 04:45:58 AM

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