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2018 Stefanidis Nylon String

2018 Stefanidis Nylon String
This Maccaferri inspired nylon string guitar was built in Greece by the well respected luthier Grigoris Stefanidis. A skilled maker of both bouzoukis and guitars, Grigoris has long taken an interest in Gypsy guitars and produces both steel string and nylon string models.

Not many people are aware that the original Selmer Maccaferri guitars were classicals and only later were they adapted for steel string jazz playing. This nylon string model makes it possible to experience the sort of sound and playability that Mario Maccaferri intended.

This nylon string model is reminiscent of Selmer's own nylon string guitar known as the Espagnol. It combines typical classical guitar specs like fan bracing and a 2" nut with more Gypsy-esque features like a slotted peghead, a 12 fret neck, and a cutaway. The top is spruce, the back and sides are mahogany, the fingerboard is ebony, and the neck is walnut.

The sound is quite impressive, with enough volume and "bark" to compete with steel string guitars but equally capable of the lusher, more romantic sounds of a classical guitar. It also sounds surprisingly good for rhythm, which lends further support to the theory that a nylon string guitar was used for the rhythm work on many of the original Hot Club of France recordings.

Just under two years old, this guitar is still in very good condition. It has a few dings on the top and on the binding. Otherwise it is very clean, with it's only fault being a less than perfect finish.

Nylon string Gypsy guitars are exceedingly rare, especially a handmade European one. Why not try something different?  Come and experience the easy playing feel and lush tone of nylon!

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