2000 Park Encore (Acoustic/Electric) 2000 Park Encore (Acoustic/Electric) Park Acoustic/Electric Selmer style guitar outfitted with a Kent Armstrong Humbucker and Bigtone bridge pickup. Arts & Entertainment shelley-park-2000-encore Encore View Offer DjangoBooks.com
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2000 Park Encore (Acoustic/Electric)

2000 Park Encore (Acoustic/Electric)
Shelley Park needs no introduction. Over the past decade she has earned a reputation as one of the top makers of Selmer style guitars. Her guitars are known for their impeccable workmanship, aesthetic beauty, and warm satisfying tone. This guitar is no exception.

This unique custom Acoustic/Electric Modèle Encore features Selmer dimensions: 675mm scale, 15 7/8" lower bout, and a 3 1/2"" body depth. The top is spruce, the back, sides, and neck are made of gorgeous, highly figured, solid European maple. The peghead is solid with an ebony veneer.

The condition of this guitar is excellent. It has a couple of small dings and some very light fretwear. Otherwise, it looks almost new.

The guitar is outfitted with deluxe hardware: Waverly tuners and a DR tailpiece. There are strap buttons on the endpin and upper bout.

Specifically designed to be amplified, this guitar features the unique combination of a Kent Armstrong humbucker along with a piezo Bigtone bridge pickup. There are two separate jacks (one in the endpin and one in the bout) so you can run each pickup separately into it's own channel. The humbucker has a top mounted volume knob, so you can turn it up for leads and then turn it off when playing rhythm allowing the Bigtone to produce a nice, acoustic rhythm sound. The pickups mixed together create a very natural, and warm lead tone and they are extremely feedback resistant.

Acoustically this instrument is open in tone, with a balanced frequency response that is particularly thick and complex in the midrange. It has many of the qualities that people associate with the famous 500 series Selmer guitars (one of which was owned by Django himself): rounded highs, thicks mids, and snappy projection. Even though it is outfitted for amplified use, you will have no problem getting excellent acoustic tone and projection from this guitar when playing in unamplified settings.

Playability is very easy and archtop-like, with the action set at a very low 2.2mm. The bridge is currently shimmed and without the shims the action is around 2mm.

Priced at only $3200, this instrument is a fantastic bargain. Shelley Park's guitars start at $4000, and one like this with deluxe woods, hardware, and pickups would easily be over $5000 new.

This is the CASH price...add 3% if you'd like to pay with a credit card. 4% for International orders.

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