Schatten CH-3 Artist Celtic and Pedal Harp Pickup Schatten CH-3 Artist Celtic and Pedal Harp Pickup Schatten Design Schatten CH-3 Artist is an active sensor that adheres to a sound port of a Celtic or pedal harp. Arts & Entertainment > Musical Instrument Accessories > String Instrument Accessories schatten-ch-3-artist CH-3 Artist 175.95
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Schatten CH-3 Artist Celtic and Pedal Harp Pickup

Schatten CH-3 Artist Celtic and Pedal Harp Pickup

The Sound Quality Of A Studio Mic - The Convenience Of A Pickup

Schatten's new CH-3-Artist pickup system is designed to work flawlessly on both Celtic harps and Pedal harps. This pickup delivers full, rich sound quality and ease of installation in one neat package.

The pickup is completely non-invasive. There are no holes to drill and no modification is required to install this system. The piezo sensing unit is a further development of Schatten's HFN series of pickups and combines Schatten's Player preamp with a revolutionary piezo design in soundboard mounted transducers.

Simply put, what you get out of this pickup system is the exact sound of your harp -- it allows your harp to sound just like you know it sounds: fully acoustic, tonaly open, and warm.

This pickup system has been tested on Lyon & Healy pedal harps, Salvi Celtic and pedal harps, Triplett Celtic harps, Dusty Strings Celtic Harps, and Rees Celtic harps. The CH-3A fits properly and sounds good on all of these and most other harps.

The transducer unit is designed to be installed approximately one-third of the way up from the bass end of the soundboard. The main unit of the pickup (the part with the white label) spans the string strip, while the treble extension unit (the smaller rosewood part attached to the main unit) enhances the sound of the pickup, extends the range and tonal quality and allows the piezo unit to sample sound over a larger area of a harps soundboard.

The pickup sensor assembly attaches to the soundboard with the supplied 3M VHB foam mounting tape. This tape provides a solid and secure mounting for the pickup but still allows for quick and easy removal of the system. The endin jack preamp mounts to the included HJA jack assembly, which attaches non-invasively to the soundhole, no drilling required. The battery unit simply mounts to an inner surface of the harp sound box or to the HJA jack assemply with self adhesive velcro. The entire pickup system is removable in seconds, should you not want to leave it in place. A 24 inch shielded wire connects the piezo unit to the preamp unit. There is more that enough wire to allow the pickup to be placed where required and to be able to mount the preamp unit in a suitable location. The pickup comes fully wired and assembled. The only thing that you have to provide is a 9 volt alkaline battery for the preamp. Total installation time is normally a couple of minutes at the most. It's that easy.

For a permanent installation, the Player endpin jack preamp can be installed directly into the side or back of the harp, exposing only the 1/4" jack. This requires drilling of a 1/2" hole for the endpin jack preamp assembly, and sufficient clearance inside the instrument to mount the preamp. In this case, the HJA jack assembly would not be used.

The entire pickup sensor assembly has a total weight of only 14 grams (1/2 ounce). Attaching this pickup to the soundboard of your harp will not change the sound or response in any way. The preamp unit (with a battery installed) has a total weight of 97 grams (3.4 ounces) and does not affect the sound of the instrument.

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