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Peerless Journeyman

Peerless Journeyman

Peerless builds quality Instruments for discerning guitarists

Peerless is Korea's premiere guitar manufacturer and has been producing high quality jazz guitars since the 70s. Over the years they've built thousands of guitars for Gretsch, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, and many others. Now a prestigious brand in their own right, Peerless offers instruments that rival the sound and playability of much costlier boutique makers at a fraction of the price.

The Journeyman is meticulously crafted from high grade materials

The Journeyman features a solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, and a maple neck. The fingerboard and cello style tailpiece are made of rosewood. Hardware includes a set of Grover tuners with brass buttons and twin built-in humbuckers. The overall style of the instrument is a mix of classic Gibson features (i.e. tortoise pickguard, 3-ply ivoroid/ebonoid body binding, block mother of pearl fingerboard inlays) with a modern Jimmy D'Aquisto style wood tailpiece.

Versatile yet practical, the Journeyman is perfect for the working musician

The Journeyman is largely based on the classic Gibson L-5 model, a longstanding favorite among jazz guitarists for nearly a century. Like Gibson's original design, this instrument is designed to produce the classic jazz tone associated with so many greats such as Wes Montgomery, Hank Garland, and Kenny Burrell. It performs these duties exceedingly well as the Journeyman instantly evokes the tone of these legendary guitarists. The Journeyman's 1 11/16th nut and  25 1/2" scale are identical to the dimensions of the original Gibson L-5. The twin humbuckers allow for a wide range of tonal options from classic jazz to aggressive funk to gritty blues.

This guitar comes setup with D'Addario 12 gauge flatwounds and fairly low, 2mm action. However, this instrument performs well with many types of setups, including traditional bebop (14 gauge flatwounds and very low action) and swing (higher action) setups.

Whether it's blazing bebop lines, fingerstyle ballads, or searing blues leads, this instrument can do it all! Come and experience the easy playability and tonal beauty of this highly versatile model yourself...

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Peerless Journeyman
9910 - Peerless Journeyman
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