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2003 Collins Petite Bouche

2003 Collins Petite Bouche

This wonderful Selmer copy was handmade by Canadian luthier Michael Collins. A graduate of the Roberto Venn school of luthiery, Collins was one of the first luthiers in North America to construct accurate copies of Selmer guitars. Collins is equally famous as both an instructor and luthier. He is currently teaching Selmer luthiery techniques at the Roberto Venn school. Collins' research on the subject is contained in his book Building a Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar as well as his instructional video.

This example of Michael's work is a Selmer copy loaded with high end features. The wood choices include a spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, and a walnut neck. Additionally, the guitar is outfitted with high quality Swiss made Miller closed tuners and tailpiece. The interior of the body is lacquered and a Brazilian veneer appears on both the front and back of the headstock. There is a piezo pickup mounted on the underside of the top which is wired to the endpin jack.

The condition of this guitar is excellent. The top is very clean, with just some light scratches. The back has a few dings and one larger scuff mark close to the cutaway. The frets are lightly worn and still have plenty of life left in them. The bridge has a couple of shims which get the action up to 3.2mm

This instrument possess a well balanced, clear tone with the high end snap that is favored by most contemporary Gypsy players. The mature high end and fast attack of this guitar will insure that your lead lines will project nicely with little effort. Chords are well defined and not overly bass heavy, allowing for rhythm playing that is crisp and "crunchy."

This guitar plays comfortably with 3.2mm action. There is currently a set of shims in the bridge which can be removed to lower the action down below 3mm.

A French made guitar with these features would cost you at least $6K which makes this well preserved and gig ready instrument one of the best deals in the shop!

This is the CASH price...add 3% (4% for International orders) if you'd like to pay with a credit card.



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