2021 Freschi Reve 2021 Freschi Reve Freschi Versatile, modern sounding Italian made instrument with a gorgeous tone and stunning good looks. Endorsed by Nous'che Rosenberg! Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Musical Instruments > String Instruments > Guitars > Acoustic Guitars mauro-freschi-oval-2 Reve View Offer DjangoBooks.com

2021 Freschi Reve

2021 Freschi Reve

This finely made 14 fret oval hole was constructed by up and coming Italian luthier Mauro Freschi. Mauro's precise workmanship has caught the attention of many professionals, including the legendary Nous'che Rosenberg who is now an endorser. A wonderful mix of new and old, Mauro's guitars feature modern innovations such as a headstock accessible double action truss rod, ergonomic D shaped neck, and scarf joined headstock while retaining many traditional features such as laminate back and sides, lacquered interior, and a zero fret. The result is a great sounding instrument that is both practical and affordable.

This instrument has numerous features normally only found on high priced models: Schaller Classic Deluxe tuners, a lacquered interior, and highly figured pau ferro back and sides. It's jaw dropping good looks are further enhanced by it's clean, modern "dotless" fingerboard and attractive brass tailpiece.

The sound of this instrument is crisp, dry,  with a mellifluous tone that is modern and rounded in character. Free from the harsher, banjo like quality that so many Gypsy guitars suffer from, this instrument delivers tone and projection that is both highly versatile and yet perfectly appropriate for both traditional and modern styles of Gypsy jazz. It produces warm, fat sounding leads and full, deep chords all with the sort of projection few other instruments can match.

If you just had one Gypsy guitar for all the musical situations you may find yourself in, this would be it. The Swiss Army knife of Gypsy guitars, this one can do it all!

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