Krivo Django Bucker Petite Bouche Black Krivo Django Bucker Petite Bouche Black Krivo Adjustable humbucker for Gypsy jazz guitars! krivo-django-bucker-petite-bouche-black DjangoBucker 199.99
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Krivo Django Bucker Petite Bouche Black

Krivo Django Bucker Petite Bouche Black

Say goodbye to putty! The new improved Djangobucker for oval-hole (petít boúche) Gypsy guitars now comes standard with an innovative brass clip on mounting system—no more putty, no more pickups accidentally falling off during gigs... The Djangobucker effortlessly installs and removes in seconds. My players have asked for this upgrade for years and I have (finally!) made this long overdue improvement a standard feature. Please note: the new mounting system is NOT able to be retro-fitted onto older versions of the Djangobucker: the new pickup is structurally reinforced internally to accommodate the new clip-mount design.

The Krivo Djangobucker was the first humbucking pickup specifically created for oval-hole Gypsy Jazz guitars and is still the ultimate solution for petit-bouche style instruments. The Djangobucker is endorsed by Robin Nolan, Lisa Liu, Paul Mehling, Dani Rabin—and many many more professional guitarists. Simply the best magnetic pickup for oval-hole gypsy-jazz guitars or your money back! Designed for a snappy acoustic Gypsy-Jazz tone and is fully adjustable for perfect string-to-string balance.

The Djangobucker perfectly recesses into the idiosyncratic fretboard cutaway of petít-bouche guitars for a "seamless" look. At only 6mm thick, the Djangobucker will fit virtually ANY oval-hole guitar. Do you play a D-Hole (Grande Boúche) Gypsy guitar?—then I highly recommend my Micro Manoúche (humbucker) pickup which is the best Krivo pickup for D-hole or F-hole gypsy guitars.

  • New for 2020: Now mounts and removes in seconds with proprietary clip-on mounting system—no modification to instrument required.
  • Innovative “Optimized Microphonics” design senses acoustic vibrations from soundboard in addition to string vibrations.
  • New: higher output 6K Ohms.
  • Fully shielded and hum-cancelling for noise-free performance.
  • Hand wound  with AWG44  Formvar magnet wire (not the cheap polynylon used in many modern designs).
  • Wired with audiophile grade Mogami™cable inside and out.
  • Switchcraft™ connectors.
  • Adjustable pole pieces for perfect string-to-string balance, adjusts with a standard screwdriver
  • Very responsive to EQ— a wide range of tonal colors are at your disposal, from bright and transparent to thick and colored. 
  • Works equally well with a tube amp or Schertler, AER type acoustic amps. 
  • Uses neodymium magnets for clarity and brilliance with strong lows.
  • Excellent transparent acoustic tone.
  • Incorporates a 1/4″ guitar cord, just plug right into any amp!
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Krivo Django Bucker Petite Bouche Black
9990 - Krivo Django Bucker Petite Bouche Black
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