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1993 John Le Voi Baritone

1993 John Le Voi Baritone
John Le Voi has been producing Selmer copies since 1970, making him one of the most experienced and prolific contemporary Gypsy jazz luthiers. This beautiful baritone Selmer style guitar was special ordered and may be the only one of it's kind. The whopping 768mm scale allows one to tune it down significantly lower than standard guitars. With standard Argentine 1610MF strings it can be tuned down to C (which is how it is currently setup), and with a special set of heavier strings can go all the way down to A.

The top has a genuine heat bent pliage, done in the manner of the original Selmer. This feature is normally only found on very expensive flagship guitars by Dupont and Barault.

This instrument is great for someone who would like a fuller sound for solo, unaccompanied performances. It is also perfectly suited for use in a bass-less guitar duo or trio. If paired with the Le Voi alto, one could form the world's first Gypsy guitar orchestra! (In the vain of classical guitarists like the LA Guitar Quartet and the Assad brothers who both use specially tuned instruments for increased range and tone color).

Beautifully constructed in Le Voi's shop in Lincolnshire, this instrument includes numerous innovations:

1) A hand carved "cello style" tailpiece, a common feature of Le Voi's guitars.

2) Solid headstock with Schaller locking tuners.

3) D'Angelico "Accutone" style adjustable ebony bridge.

4) Raised wood pickguard (not original - added later)

5) Removable tornavoz (invented by the legendary Spanish luthier Antonio Torres. Same concept as a ported speaker...helps tune and improve bass response.)

The condition is excellent, with hardly a scratch on the entire instrument. There are strap pegs on the heel and endpin.

Includes original custom fitted hardshell case.

This is the CASH price...add 3% if you'd like to pay with a credit card. 4% for International orders.

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