1965 Jacques Favino 14 Fret Oval Hole Guitar (Modele #10) with Hardshell Case ***SOLD!!!*** 1965 Jacques Favino 14 Fret Oval Hole Guitar (Modele #10) with Hardshell Case ***SOLD!!!*** Default Manufacturer Arts & Entertainment jacques-favino-oval-hole-10 9940 View Offer DjangoBooks.com
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1965 Jacques Favino 14 Fret Oval Hole Guitar (Modele #10) with Hardshell Case ***SOLD!!!***

1965 Jacques Favino 14 Fret Oval Hole Guitar (Modele #10) with Hardshell Case ***SOLD!!!***
This very rare pre-1970s Favino is most likely the first, or one of the first few, Modèle #10 Favinos ever produced. Before 1965 Jacques Favino mostly built archtop and classical guitars. The only known pre-1965 Gypsy style guitars that can be attributed to Jacques are the 10 last Selmers which he was contracted to finish. Other then that, there's no evidence he regularly built Selmer style guitars till 1965. This is by far the earliest Modèle #10 Favino that I, or any Favinologist I've spoken with has ever seen. I've never seen anything with a serial number below 80, so there's no doubt this is something special.

Favinos are famous for being honky and brash with a big banjo like bark. (Listen to this recording of Lulu Reinhardt and Han'sche Weiss for an example of the classic Favino sound: Lulu Swing.) That's what I expected when I pulled this instrument out of the case. But to my surprise, this guitar was not an "old school" thrasher, but an incredibly well balanced "modern" Gypsy axe with the sophistication, warmth, and complexity you'd expect from today's top builders. In fact, this guitar sounds very similar to Stefan Hahl's Super Deluxe Gitano. (For an example of the modern Hahl sound watch this video of Bireli: Hungaria.)

A guitar with this sort of balance and warmth was the last thing I expected from what is most likely the first Modèle #10 Favino ever produced. Upon closer inspection we found a few reasons why this guitar is so unusual. Renowned lutheir and Favinologist Bob Holo thoroughly evaluated this instrument and discovered the following:

1) This Favino has a smaller body then the typical Modèle #10. In fact, it has the exact body proportions of a Busato! 16" across the lower bout. Jacques did his apprenticeship with Busato so that probably explains the Busato body size.

2) This Favino has a shorter scale length then the typical Modèle #10. It has the 670mm scale length normaly found on Selmers (most Favinos have a longer 675mm scale length).

3) This guitar has a thicker top then the typical Modèle #10. That explains the fuller, richer sound of this instrument.

Soundwise, this results in a guitar that has very full low end and midrange (most Gypsy guitars are very weak in the midrange.) The high end cuts, but is still full and pleasantly rounded. The age of this guitar really shows in the low end definition that it has. Bass notes sound very "tight" and chords have excellent separation between the notes. By comparison, new Hahl or JP Favino guitars have a murkier low end. In my experience, only an aged guitar has this sort of low end definition. It simply can't be found in a new guitar.

Favinos have a reputation for being a bit difficult to play. However, this shorter scale Favino plays like butter and can easily accommodate a modern ultra low action setup. Not many old guitars can do this.

Bob Holo certified the guitar as being without a doubt a real Jacques Favino. He was impressed with the impeccable condition of the instrument. It had an excellent refinish done to it at some point. Other then a few dings in the top, it looks very newish. It has one very small crack between the neck and the sound hole that is stable. The guitar has the original SB tuners. The tailpiece was replaced with a DR. It has Indian Rosewood back and sides, a spruce top, and a three piece maple neck. The fingerboard seems to have been replaced.

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