1960s Jacques Favino F Hole Model ***NEW PRICE*** 1960s Jacques Favino F Hole Model ***NEW PRICE*** Favino Rare F hole model built by the legendary Jacques Favino! Arts & Entertainment jacques-favino-f-hole F Hole View Offer DjangoBooks.com
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1960s Jacques Favino F Hole Model ***NEW PRICE***

1960s Jacques Favino F Hole Model ***NEW PRICE***

Here is a rare example of an early Jacques Favino guitar from the 1960s! Jacques was building two models during this period: the modèle 1A and the fancier modèle 1B. This exponentially rare F hole model is a variation of the 1A. Usually these models had round soundholes with a solid peghead, but this unusual example features a slotted peghead and bound F holes.

The overall proportions are significantly smaller than typical Favinos. The body is a comfortable 15 1/4" wide, 3 3/4" deep, and the scale length is 635mm. The top is spruce, the back and sides are maple, and the three piece maple neck is typical of Favino's work. The fingerboard, binding, and heel cap are all made of rosewood. The trapeze tailpiece, clover leaf tuners, and adjustable bridge are original.

The top has a beautiful bombe (top arch) which gives the guitar a really explosive tone. The top is reinforced with just two parallel longitudinal braces. The back is also beautifully arched, more so than on most Favinos. It actually looks more like a Busato back which are known for their extreme back arch.

The tone this guitar produces is a fascinating mix of archtop and Gypsy. It posses the midrange focus and clarity of an archtop but has the prodigious acoustic volume more typical of Gypsy guitars. These qualities make it a very versatile instrument, great for anything from straight Gypsy jazz to swing to bebop. This little wonder can do it all!

This guitar is strung with 11 gauge Argentine strings and has very easy playing 2.8mm action.

There is no label but that seems to be typical of Favino's F hole models. Most likely they were custom ordered and sold through another retailer like Paul Beuscher. Despite the lack of a label, there is no doubt this instrument was produced in the Favino workshop as the workmanship is unmistakable.

This instrument is in excellent condition! There are no cracks or other serious damage. There are some mild signs of use including some light scratches and dings. One of the unusual square shaped tuning buttons was replace by a more conventional one. Otherwise, this instrument's condition is breath taking for it's age! So rare to find examples from this period that are well preserved.

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