1972 Jacques Favino Modele #10 ***NEW PRICE!!!*** 1972 Jacques Favino Modele #10 ***NEW PRICE!!!*** Favino Pristine example from Favino's "Golden Period!" Arts & Entertainment jacques-favino-1972 Modele #10 5.0 1
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A magnificent sounding 72 Favino!
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1972 Jacques Favino Modele #10 ***NEW PRICE!!!***

1972 Jacques Favino Modele #10 ***NEW PRICE!!!***

Here is something very special, a Jacques Favino from 1972!

The body specs are typical Favino: 16 1/2" body with a  4" body depth. The back and sides are Indian rosewood and the top is spruce. The guitar has a three piece maple neck that has a tinted finish which was common during this period.

The hardware includes the original tailpiece and SB tuners (one of the tuners was replaced by with a similar vintage SB tuner, albeit without the steel button.)

The condition of the guitar is excellent, especially considering most Favino's have suffered the proverbial "Gypsy life." It has no cracks or other major damage whatsoever. There is some pickwear on the top and number of small dings and scratches. The frets are new and it plays easily with low, 2.6mm action. The guitar appears to have had a strap button in the heel at one point which was later filled. It's so rare to find a Favino in such pristine condition, especially one from Favino's "Golden Period!"

If you like the classic Favino sound on the early Boulou Ferre recordings like Gypsy Dreams and Pour Django, Bireli's early recordings (Swing '81 and Routes to Django), or Han'sche Weiss/Lulu Reinhardt (Lulu Swing) then this is the guitar for you! This instrument produces that classic Favino tone that is honky, nasal, and full of character. There is a pronounced upper midrange hump that is nicely balanced by the gutsy bass that Favinos are famous for.

The sound of this guitar is pure Favino! It has the unmistakeable Favino tone which features warm, nasal mids; full bodied lows; and rounded highs. This guitar is quite dry and free of bothersome overtone ringing, making it very clear and easy to hear in group settings. It has character galore...play a chromatic run and you instantly get the gusty, hard fisted sound that the Alsatian/German Gypsies like Moreno and Hans'che Weiss are famous for. Favinos like this love to be played hard, and the more force you play this guitar with the better it sounds. Chordal work is snappy with lots of punch and attitude which is all underpinned with a rich, tight lowend. This guitar certainly does not lack personality, that is for certain!

Favino connoisseurs generally consider his best work to be from the later 60s through the mid-70s, as earlier and later models often have design differences that make them sound and play differently. Here's a chance to own one of these highly coveted models that not only sounds incredible, but is in fantastic condition as well!

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1972 Favino

A magnificent sounding 72 Favino!

Submitted by: denk8 on 03/23/2018 08:24:52 AM

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