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2009 Holo Model Jazz

2009 Holo Model Jazz
Finally, after two years of waiting we have a guitar from the illustrious Bob Holo! Bob has made a name for himself over the last few years as an aficionado of the Franco-Italian guitar designs of Selmer, Maccaferri, Busato, Favino, etc. He spent years studying vintage Selmer style guitars including nearly every Selmer, Favino, and Busato that has come through our shop. He has taken on the challenge of making new guitars that have the elusive and ineffable qualities heard in the very best vintage Selmer type guitars. Few will doubt he has been incredibly successful in his quest, as his guitars are now in the hands of many of today's leading players: Rocky Gresset, Mathieu Chatelain, Neil Andersson, etc. Bob has essentially been a "luthier for the stars" these past few years...but now you can take home one of these gems yourself!

Built in beautiful Portland, Oregon, this F Hole Model Jazz is loosely based on the aesthetics of the legendary DiMauro guitars. But the F holes are really all this guitar has in common with the DiMauro design. It's radically bent top and steep neck angle are borrowed from Busato's design principals while the 15 3/4" body and 670mm scale are Selmer specs.

This guitar is impossibly light at 3.3lbs! Most Duponts are around 4lbs, Dell Artes around 4.5 lbs.

The top is Carpathian spruce (same Romanian spruce that Selmer used), back and sides are Indian rosewood, and the neck is walnut. The guitar has been carefully "antiqued" to give it a vintage look. The finish has some tint and some very believable wear and scuffs that evoke the proverbial "Gypsy life."

Bob prides himself in recreating the character and power of old vintage instruments. He certainly succeeded in doing so with this excellent guitar...it has more volume then almost any other new guitar being built today, save for a few of the high end Duponts. The tone is warm with rounded highs, plentiful low mids, and a nice "tight" bass register. This guitar is one of his driest models....each note is clear with perfect prescience. It has little or no "wetness" or overtone ringing.

All in all,  a fabulous guitar for a price far below what most luthiers charge for fine work like this.

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