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Henriksen The Forte

Henriksen The Forte

About The Forte

4 years ago we tried plugging some tube preamps into the analog JazzAmp power board, and we immediately saw the potential for something that has long been missing from the guitar amplifier marketplace; a great tube sound with enough clean head room and bottom end to play jazz without needing to find a volume “sweet spot”. The results are far beyond our expectations!

Henriksen Amplifiers has built our reputation on designing and manufacturing high quality, high fidelity amplifiers for jazz and acoustic guitars using a premium solid-state architecture. We have become the industry standard for straight ahead jazz guitar amplification when it comes to that plug-n-play, high headroom solid-state sound, but there’s always been something missing for customers who like a tube amp sound with a little break up or a more modern distortion-based guitar tone.

Until now! The Forte combines our JazzAmp with a full plate voltage 12AX7 based tube preamp, and has all the tube feel and warmth, combined with the rich tone Henriksen is known for, but without the weight and maintenance of a full tube amp. At only 28 pounds, The Forte has the clean headroom capable of delivering Fender Twin levels of volume, but is linear in design so you can get that same sweet sound at lower volumes as well.

In addition to great tone, like all Henriksen products this amp was engineered to be a true road warrior and designed with the gigging professional in mind. Whether you’re looking for a plug-n-play, high headroom amp for big clean sounds, or a low maintenance pedal platform that has some great analog feel to it, The Forte is exceptionally portable with the tonal versatility and volume to cover any gig and be just fine living in the trunk of your car.

Features and Specifications

Weight     28 lbs
Dimensions     20 × 16 × 10 in
Speaker 12"
Power 5W Tube Preamp/100W Output

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Henriksen The Forte
6905 - Henriksen The Forte
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