USED 2008 Dupont Vieille Reserve USED 2008 Dupont Vieille Reserve Default Manufacturer Save a bundle on this rare D hole version of the best Selmer copy being made today! Arts & Entertainment dupont-vielle-reserve-indian-d-hole 9905 View Offer
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USED 2008 Dupont Vieille Reserve

USED 2008 Dupont Vieille Reserve
Here is a rare 14 fret D hole version of the storied Vieille Reserve, what a treat! Very few of these have been made...most are oval holes. This guitar is in "like new" condition and is discounted $1000 off the regular retail price of $8500. At $7500 it is one of the best deals in the shop!

This is Maurice Duponts top of the line Selmer copy. No detail is overlooked with both the materials and workmanship being of the highest caliber. The track record of this instrument speaks for itself, as so many of todays top players use the Vieille Reserve model. Bireli Lagrene recorded the first two Gypsy Project CDs with this model. Patrick Saussois, of Alma Sinti fame, also plays a Dupont VR.

This guitar includes:

-A 40 year old aged Spruce top
-Indian Rosewood back and sides
-Deluxe, encased tuners
-The top has a real pliage (i.e. the wood was bent over a hot iron like the old Selmers. Almost all other Selmer copies have forced tops which aren't as punchy).

The sound and playability of this instrument are the best I've ever seen for a new guitar. The only thing better is an actual vintage Selmer or Busato in good condition which is impossible to find and would cost twice as much or more. The Dupont VR is a guitar that plays and feels like a new guitar, but has the clarity, punch, and tone of an old seasoned instrument. I know of no other luthier that builds a guitar with these qualities.

This D hole version has all the advantages of a D hole (full sound with a rich low end and fat mids) with none of the disadvantages (most D holes tend to be overly wet sounding and weak in the high end). This guitars has fat lows like a flatop but the magic of the aged woods and real pliage give it a lot of bite in the high end. Still cuts nicely for leads and chords sound HUGE!

A TKL hardshell  case, unopened bottle of Cognac, and owner certificate are included.

This is the CASH price...add 3% if you'd like to pay with a credit card (4% for International Orders)

Pricing Info:

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