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2006 Dupont Vieille Reserve Brazilian

2006 Dupont Vieille Reserve Brazilian

Maurice Dupont has long been one of the most respected luthiers in France and one of the first contemporary makers to specialize in producing the Selmer Maccaferri guitar. Maurice first gained recognition as a builder of classical guitars and in 1989 was bestowed with the honor of "Best French Craftsman." Maurice was an apprentice of the legendary Gypsy guitar maker Jacques Favino, and in 1986 he began building his own Selmer style guitars which quickly became the most popular choice of professional Gypsy guitarists. Countless Gypsy stars including Raphael Fays, Biréli Lagrène, Tchavolo Schmitt, and Romane have played Dupont guitars which appear on hundreds of recordings.

Dupont's Gypsy models are built entirely in Cognac, France by master luthiers Patrick (who joined the Dupont team in 1994) and Mathias (since 2002) under the supervision of Maurice Dupont. The collective experience.of the Dupont team along with Maurice's stock of well aged, select tonewoods yields instruments of unsurpassed tone and playability.

This is Maurice Dupont's top of the line Selmer copy. No detail is overlooked with both the materials and workmanship being of the highest caliber. The track record of this instrument speaks for itself, as so many of todays top players use the Vieille Reserve model. Bireli Lagrene recorded the first two Gypsy Project CDs with this model. Patrick Saussois, of Alma Sinti fame, and Romane also play Dupont VRBs.

This guitar includes:

-A 40 year old aged Spruce top 

-Highly Figured 40 year aged Brazilian back and sides.

-Deluxe, closed DM tuners

-The top has a real pliage (i.e. the wood was bent over a hot iron like the old Selmers. Almost all other Selmer copies have forced tops which aren't as punchy).

The sound and playability of this instrument are the best I've ever seen for a new guitar. The only thing better is an actual vintage Selmer or Busato in good condition which is impossible to find and would cost twice as much or more. The Dupont VR is a guitar that plays and feels like a new guitar, but has the clarity, punch, and tone of an old seasoned instrument. I know of no other luthier that builds a guitar with these qualities.

This guitar is best for those who like the Selmer sound. Each note is rounded and bell like with a smoky complexity only found in the best of instruments. This guitar also cuts like a knife and requires very little force to do so. Players with a light touch will be surprised at the volume this guitar can generate. All in all, this is the most traditional Gypsy sound you can get in a new guitar. If you like a more modern Gypsy tone then you should consider a Hahl or a JP Favino. Chord punches, tremolos, and other comping techniques sound great on this guitar because they cut so well.

This guitar is setup perfectly with medium low action and 11 gauge strings.There are no buzzes and every note is clear as a bell. If you like to play fast, this guitar is for you. It is among the easiest playing Gypsy guitars out there....

An owner's certificate and a bottle of Dupont Cognac are included.

This is the CASH price...add 3% (4% for International orders) if you'd like to pay with a credit card

Pricing Info:
Guitar Specs
Brand Dupont
Year 2006
Model Number VRB
Serial Number 086
Sound Hole Oval
Fret Neck 14 Fret
Condition Excellent
Size 15 3/4"
Scale Length 670mm
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Body Depth 3 7/8"
Top European Spruce (Aged 40 Years)
Back and Sides Brazilian Rosewood (Laminate)
Neck Walnut
Fingerboard Ebony
Binding Brazilian Rosewood
Finish Tinted
Tailpiece DM Gold
Tuners DM Enclosed Tuners Gold
Action 2.2mm
Strings Argentine 1510MF
Case Dupont TKL
Pickup(s) None
Truss Rod Yes
Weight 4 lbs

Reviews and Ratings


Dupont VRB

I bought this guitar as I wanted to add a vintage Selmer styled guitar to my arsenal but did not wish to be a care taker to an original Selmer. Michael suggested the Dupont VRB. I have played quite a few Duponts and have owned a MD-50 which was quite nice but not as vintage “Selmerish” as I was looking for, so I was a bit skeptical if a new Dupont VRB could be what I wanted. As far as playability the neck is 100% Dupont so you don’t get a vintage feeling neck but in it’s place a highly playable modern one. That said the guitar may be the best GJ guitar I have played on quite a few levels. It speaks beautifully and sounds even on every note while sounding vintage if I approach the instrument with that mindset. I was thinking of giving it 4 stars on value but it is such a fine instrument I could not find it in me to lower it’s score. The guitar is very dry as many Duponts are, and the leads cut beautifully with a snarl to them if you want that, or just sing if you don’t attack it too hard. I’m not a detail in workmanship kind of guy, it is secondary to playability and sound, but this guitar is beautiful to look at besides play. Initially I thought very nice guitar pretty expensive, but the more time i spend and play by myself, with others players and my band the Idiomatiques, the better the perception of this guitar is to me. Today before writing this review and playing the VRB it felt like a bargain.

Submitted by: Scoredog on 05/26/2018 03:47:46 PM


Dupont VRB

I bought a 2013 VRB from Michael this January....I called and told him his comments about the guitar were understated if anything....I am obsessed with it...It is like holding magic in your hands....Thanks again Mike....

Submitted by: NQDY on 02/28/2015 05:51:00 PM


Dupont VRB

Pros: great tone and feel

Cons: none

This is a great guitar. In a world of many Selmer-style guitars, the Dupont Vieille Reserve Brazilian stands out as one of a handful of outstanding instruments. The attention to detail is, as one would expect, perfect. The main thing is the tone: it's loud without being brash, sweet but assertive when need be, and very well balanced. Each note sounds clearly without any dead or over-responsive notes. The neck and fingerboard are perfect and it's set up very well. In a nutshell, this guitar holds its own with any of the other top instruments, including an original Selmer.

Submitted by: neil on 08/26/2013 03:09:43 PM


Splendid Dupont VRB

This Dupont VRB is one of the best Selmer made guitars i have ever played and other than an original Selmer it would seriously rival any gypsy guitar out there. It is extremely resonant with warm mids and sparkling lead notes necessary for those lyrical arpeggios.The action is smooth and effortless. Michael was very helpful with his expertise and acurate description and answered all of my questions about the guitar. I would highly recommend Djangobooks as a fantastic music source to anyone looking to purchase a gypsy guitar from the best price selection Michael has in his inventory.

Submitted by: denk8 on 11/29/2011 01:04:52 PM


Dupont VRB

Pros: Beautiful

Cons: expensive

I bought this 4-5 years ago. It is now the standard I use when evaluating any guitar. It is both refined and gnarly and responds like a voice when I'm playing well. Kind of addictive - Excellent

Submitted by: Jeff on 04/06/2011 03:07:56 PM

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