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2019 Dupont Nomade

2019 Dupont Nomade

Maurice Dupont has long been one of the most respected luthiers in France and one of the first contemporary makers to specialize in producing the Selmer Maccaferri guitar. Maurice first gained recognition as a builder of classical guitars and in 1989 was bestowed with the honor of "Best French Craftsman." Maurice was an apprentice of the legendary Gypsy guitar maker Jacques Favino, and in 1986 he began building his own Selmer style guitars which quickly became the most popular choice of professional Gypsy guitarists. Countless Gypsy stars including Raphael Fays, Biréli Lagrène, Tchavolo Schmitt, and Romane have played Dupont guitars which appear on hundreds of recordings.

Dupont's Gypsy models are built entirely in Cognac, France by master luthiers Patrick (who joined the Dupont team in 1994) and Mathias (since 2002) under the supervision of Maurice Dupont. The collective experience.of the Dupont team along with Maurice's stock of well aged, select tonewoods yields instruments of unsurpassed tone and playability.

The Nomade has the sound and playability of Dupont's best instruments at an affordable price!

This Nomade has etimoé back and sides, French spruce top, mahogany neck, and a satin finish. The neck is bolted on and can be removed which is handy when traveling.

The sound is very impressive....very similar to the MD-50 which is over twice the price!

Includes soft shell travel case.

This is the CASH price...add 3% (4% for International orders) if you'd like to pay with a credit card.

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Set Up Options (takes 2-4 weeks)
Install Clear Pick Guard ($50.00)
Braze Tailpiece (Busato Style) ($60.00)
Install High Quality Ebony Tailpiece Ins ($40.00)
Set Up Special: Fret Dress, Custom Bridge, Restring, Tailpiece Leather, Adjust Action and Truss Rod ($215.00)
Install Strap Button in Heel and Endpin ($30.00)
Would you like a pickup installed?
No Pickup
Dupont Bigtone ($465.00)
Geronimo Mateos LC Pickup ($485.00)
K and K Pure Maccaferri ($280.00)
K and K Definity System ($240.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup ($245.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist (Includes Pre Amp) ($295.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist Plus 1 (Includes Pre Amp and 1 Thumbwheel Control) ($305.00)
Schatten HFN-S2 Pickup Artist Plus 2 (Includes Pre Amp and 2 Thumbwheel Controls ($310.00)
Would you like to upgrade your guitars tuners?
No upgrade
Install Schaller Three on a Plate Tuners ($165.00)
Install Saga Deluxe Tuners ($175.00)
Install Schaller Classic Deluxe Tuners ($230.00)
Install DR Brass Tuners ($465.00)
Would you like to upgrade your guitars tailpiece?
No upgrade
Dupont Nickel Tailpiece ($102.00)
Dupont Brass Tailpiece ($102.00)
Dupont DR Tailpiece ($175.00)
Guitar Specs
Brand Dupont
Year 2019
Model Number Nomade
Serial Number 03/2019
Sound Hole Oval
Fret Neck 14 Fret
Condition New
Size 15 3/4"
Scale Length 670mm
Nut Width 1 3/4"
Body Depth 3 7/8"
Top European Spruce
Back and Sides Etimoé
Neck Mahogany (Bolt On)
Fingerboard Indian Rosewood
Binding Ebonoid
Finish Satin
Tailpiece Gold
Tuners 3 on a plate Gold
Action 3mm
Strings Argentine 1610MF
Case Stagg Molded Foam
Pickup(s) None
Truss Rod Yes
Weight 4.1 lbs

Reviews and Ratings


A very fine guitar

Pros: A real good Instrument.

Cons: Nothing to talk about.

I bought my Dupont Nomade in Juli 2015 in Germany ( I'm from Germany). And from the beginning i fell in love with this guitar. This guitar is a real beauty and the finish and the whole craftsmenship is superb. And the most importend thing, the tone, is also realy good. You get a guitar wich is made for soloing. The high tones and mid tones are loud and clean. I had the oppertunitie to compare this guitar to some Freschi and Mateos guitares and to more expensive Dupont guitares. The Nomade was even good as the others I have played. Only the low register is a bit quiet. For every one who is thinking about getting a good GJ guitar, go for it. Ps: Forget about the bold on neck. It doesnt affect the tone or the beauty of this stunning instrument.

Submitted by: canvas on 11/21/2016 06:52:08 AM


Great choice - Great Sound

I am fairly new to Gypsy Jazz and wanted to get that authentic sound. I called Mike and discussed how to get started and was thinking about a cheaper entry model. After talking through the alternatives, the Nomade made the most sense. I am so glad I took the chance. It arrived ready to play and I have a hard time putting it down. Everyone that has played it says they want one. It is a great sounding instrument with that dry tone. It has a suprising low end and a lot of punch. Well worth the price.

Submitted by: roodboy on 09/21/2015 07:47:04 PM


French Girl

Pros: Beautiful Basic Real French..

Cons: Absolutely Nothing..

After much thought on getting a nice Altamira M30 Antique guitar and a few emails, I spoke to Michael about getting one and he told me that if I could invest a little more, he suggested I check out the Dupont Nomade. At first I was a little reluctant about buying a bolt-on neck but read some good reviews and asked a friend who knows a lot about instruments and according to him he said bolt-on necks are actually a very good design and not to be fooled by it's simplicity because they're tone production and high strength capacity.. Also, you'll never need a need reset down the road as many guitars will eventually need one. Michael also told me that the workmanship and very dry French qualities were something to really consider as well. He was correct.. Even though it's not your fancy Gypsy Guitar it's a really beautiful and basic fine instrument.. The workmanship and more importantly the sound are all there.. Very dry the way I wanted and rings like a bell. I'm so happy with this instrument and it's actually beautiful! Someday if I get a really fancy Dupont or some other great guitar, I'm still keeping this one and will play it as guitars love being played and looked after. I had to thank Michael for his excellent advice and his great books on "Gypsy picking" and his transcription book "Unaccompanied Django" along with a nice Wegen pick.. I'm set to learn this different style and will incorporate in in my Bebop style.. If you're still wondering, and want a really dry well made instrument, you can't go wrong with this one.. Maurice Dupont knows how to build great instruments..

Submitted by: Zachariah M. on 08/10/2015 05:31:05 PM


Great entry level French guitar

Pros: Sounds great, easy to play

My first foray into gypsy jazz guitars and glad i started here instead of pursuing an asian import with upgrades. I was playing GJ on a mid 90s Epiphone Regent AS and needless to say it didn't sound or play right. The Nomade both sounds correct and it is so much easier to pull off the mechanics of the picking technique. It's a fun guitar that sounds excellent! Michael was super helpful with all of my questions and concerns. Overall a great buying experience.

Submitted by: Andy L. on 04/20/2015 03:06:31 PM


Fantastic Guitar!

Pros: Tone, Playability

This is my very first Gypsy Jazz guitar purchase, after wanting to get into this style for a number of years. I wanted a GJ guitar to use for both my own development in this style as well as an instrument that I could use for my composing/recording projects. I was also looking for a guitar that I could eventually gig with if I found myself getting into the style more and more over time. After talking with Michael over the phone, in addition to several people on the forum, the Dupont Nomade was being recommended over and over. After receiving it and spending time playing it I have to say that I'm completely blown away. This is a fantastic sounding guitar and it plays like a dream. The recordings of this guitar online don't really do it justice. It has that classic Gypsy Jazz tone and is even fuller sounding than the Youtube clips I'd seen of this guitar. The fit and finish is immaculate and has a very comfortable neck profile that makes it a joy to play. I'd spent a little more on this guitar as compared to some of the Asian brands I'd considered earlier, but like a lot of things in life, you get what you pay for. This one was certainly worth it. This is a keeper!

Submitted by: Jim Pfeifer on 12/16/2014 01:38:57 PM


Dupont Nomade

Pros: great sound and playability

Cons: none

I bought one from Michael in the summer of 2012 and have not regretted it. As a new GJ player I'd been looking for an inexpensive Asian model. I asked Michael for his opinion on a John Jorgenson Gitane and a Dell Arte model that was available locally and he recommended the Nomade. I am extremely pleased with the guitar and it's good to know that if I want to upgrade I can get nearly what I paid for it. I really appreciated it at Django in June this year when I let others play it and could hear the sound from in front of the guitar-It's incredibly beautiful sounding and it cuts a very dry La Pompe rythym.

Submitted by: John on 08/18/2014 10:08:34 AM


Dupont Nomade

Pros: Sounds great and won't break the bank.

Cons: The case is a little oversized for this guitar

This is a great entry level guitar for the seasoned flatpicker who would like to get their feet wet playing Gypsy Jazz. I have had my Nomade now for 6 months. While it is not a dreadnaught guitar it does have the spirit of Django with its sound, looks, and feel. Traditional gypsy guitars have square necks. The nomade has a more modern C neck shape which flatpickers are accustomed to. I am completely satisfied with mine and would recommend it to any seasoned flatpicker as their first guitar. The construction is great. Hey its handmade in France you can't get anymore Gypsy than that!! Also, Michael is great to work with, very helpful. Ask lots of questions.....

Submitted by: T Toman on 06/27/2013 12:12:27 PM


Tone & Pleasure

Cons: Price/Quality... best bang for the buck!

I got a couple of top grade French oval hole and one D-hole guitars that I do now wish to travel to too exotic locations with, so I called Michael here and asked about something nice to play I could take along. He highly recommended the Nomade. I must say I am glad I decided upon his recommendation. So, where do I start. $2100.oo may seem "cheap" for a DUPONT but then, the guitar lacks the esthetics most of these guitars boast. Yes, it's rather austere looking in pictures, but then it turns out, the pictures do the guitar NO justice. Yes, it's not ornamented but let me put it this way, the WORKMANSHIP shows! In ones hands it looks and feels NOTHING like a cheap guitar. But then, let's be serious, $2100.oo isn't exactly pocket change either. You could say, it has the straight forward looks of a Martin Guitar that you would get for the equivalent price. Most consider that "Pro"-level for an acoustic guitar. The most amazing thing thou, is the TONE and the playability of this great instrument. It may not be all as loud as an MD50 but the genuine TONE is unmistakably HERE. And it plays as easy as any of the guitars costing twice as much. The tone is not just "there" it's excellent! I LOVE this guitar and actually came to like it's looks too, it's quite nice in it's own way.

Submitted by: J-D. Sauser on 11/01/2012 03:52:07 PM


a good buy

My Du Pont Nomad is a decent guitar. The action is decent; the sound is decent; and the appearance is decent. By decent, I mean that a veteran guitarist who knows his way around the instrument could find a lot to be pleased with in the Du Pont Nomad. Under 2K, the guitar is a definite good buy. The workmanship is professional grade. You don't need to take it to a luthier when you get it. Mine played just fine out of the box. You can dig in and get a full resounding response from the Nomad. You can vary your attack and the guitar will respond, whether you feather a chord or ring it out by digging in deeply. As one who is basically a jazz and finger-style player, gypsy jazz guitars have always been a physical challenge. But, I don't mind my few fumbles caused by lack of hand strength relative to a gypsy jazz guitar because the Nomad gives me a good payoff in sound. If you want to try your hand at the Django repertoire, I think the Nomad is worth the price as your first guitar. For many, it could be your only gypsy jazz guitar. It's that good.

Submitted by: Lou on 04/22/2011 09:02:54 PM

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