2011 Dupont Favino (Modele Moreno) ***NEW PRICE*** 2011 Dupont Favino (Modele Moreno) ***NEW PRICE*** Dupont A very rare and gorgeous Favino copy built to the Enrico Macias specs preferred by Moreno. Arts & Entertainment dupont-moreno-model MD-50 E Custom View Offer DjangoBooks.com
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2011 Dupont Favino (Modele Moreno) ***NEW PRICE***

2011 Dupont Favino (Modele Moreno) ***NEW PRICE***
Years ago we had Moreno's own personal guitar which was a very rare Favino copy built by Dupont. He built it in the style of Jacques Favino's flagship model, the much lauded Enrico Macias model. This was an amazing guitar and easily as good as the best vintage Favinos, so I decided to have Maurice make another one.

Maurice did a fantastic job, making it an even more accurate Favino copy than the original Moreno model. He used the larger, traditional MOP fret markers that Favino used and even made special nickel hardware. This is without a doubt, one of Dupont's most beautiful creations! The flamed maple and MOP inlays almost seem to glow while you're playing it...a looker for sure!

In addition to its good looks, Maurice dialed in the tone and projection heard in only the best Favinos. So many of the vintage ones are damaged beyond repair or were just lemons, so this is a unique opportunity to get the full bodied, bold Favino sound in an instrument that has the playability and reliability you'd expect in a new guitar. The low end is pure Favino...big,full but not messy or overstated. Mids are thick and the highs are gently rounded...like the best Favinos, it doesn't have a harsh note in its body. Everything you play on it is warm, satisfying, but never wimpy or washed out. And best of all, this guitar is super LOUD!

During 1970s/80s Maurice Dupont did his apprenticeship under Jacques Favino, and is therefore the only living luthier, other than JP Favino, who has the skills and knowledge to build a true Jacques Favino style guitar. Maurice even uses the original Favino molds to make the body!

The dimensions are classic Favino: 16 1/2" wide, 4" deep. 670mm scale.

Includes special custom nickel DM tuners and tailpiece that look just like the old SB hardware that Favino used..

The back, sides, and neck are gorgeous flamed European maple and the top is spruce.

This instrument has been lightly used. It has some very slight pickwear on the top and one very small ding on the top of the headstock. Otherwise, it is "as new."

This is the CASH price...add 3% if you'd like to pay with a credit card

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