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2013 Dupont DM50E

2013 Dupont DM50E
Ever since Joseph Di Mauro built his last guitar in the early 1990s, Gypsy guitarists have longed for a reliable reissue of the classic Special Chorus model. After a long wait, Dupont has produced just that, a wonderful recreation of Di Mauro's distinctive design featuring f holes and a bent back that was made famous by players such as Moreno, Boulou Ferre, Patrick Saussois, Samy Daussat, Jean-Yves Dubanton, and even Pat Metheny!

The tone of this gorgeous flamed maple example is too good for words! Maurice has proven that the Di Mauro design is about much more than distinctive looks. This guitar produces a beautifully balanced tone, with thick mids and gently rounded highs. The low end is robust and fulfilling, making chordal work especially satisfying. This is the ideal guitar for someone looking for a true Gypsy tone without the brashness and aggressiveness that is often more typical of Selmer and Busato style guitars.

Finally, it is a beautiful guitar to look at! The workmanship is flawless, the woods attractive, and most importantly it's distinctive f hole design (Di Mauro actually called them S holes as they are larger than standard F holes) make it a Gypsy jazz fashion statement that few will forget. In a world of Gypsy guitars with oval and D soundholes, why not dare to be different and play one of these unique Di Mauro style guitars?

This instrument is in excellent condition with some small signs of wear. It has a few deep scratches near the treble F hole in a few other small dings. There is some very light fret wear. Otherwise it looks new! This guitar would be $5000 new making this used example an excellent deal!

A bigtone pickup in installed.

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